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  • Member: dbz_doomrider
  • Title: PARTY HARD!® Project
  • Premiered: 2003-08-18
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    • Andrew W K Party Hard
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  • Comments: Well, where to begin.....

    This video began in January 2003, when I had ambitions to begin Project DOOMRIDER. I carefully noted that a great deal of technique and effort had to be implimented to maintain control and balance over such a large group of creators as I had planned...and so I therefore decided to run a smaller test project first, as a method of practice for coordinating a much larger group at a later date.

    I began by running around looking for creators that could come together and create a great video as I wanted, and so I found Jesmaster, Devolution, Priuscomet and TemaraNight at the time. However, fate would have it that laziness removed TemaraNight and Priuscomet, and they were replaced at a later time by Hitokiri GekiGengar, and essentially, all the anime music video relics got together under my coordination, and we began to kanive about it...and I decided the song PARTY HARD would have great appeal, was fun to use, and that people would really get a kick out of it, plus it was original fun, and frisky ;p.

    So, yes, the song utilized as you may have guessed is Party Hard by Andrew W.K. You know, in all honesty, this is just a great, talent displaying action vid, that throws in everything you'd expect to have in a video entitled PARTY HARD. Alot of fun to produce, very time consuming and difficult to get together though...judging by the fact it's taken this long, about 6 months or so, to actually get to sit right here on

    Footage was obtained the good clean crisp way, from DVD...however, this video on my part at least, was made BEFORE Turn the Page, so the quality on my part is about the same as it was in that video, which is clear and clean, but not unbelievable, which some of the video truly is.

    Yes, I was the Main Project Coordinator, and Jesmaster was the technical manager of the Project, taking care of the technical aspects, such as assembling the video...and he also came up with the credits song "I Think I Can" by The Pillows from the FLCL soundtrack. Weird stuff, but anywho...The introduction is a mysterious "The Matrix" song. Go Figure.

    The effort was poured in, the fun is coming out, so NOW IT'S TIME TO PARTY, SO WE'LL PARTY HARD.

    Party Hard was therefore a success. Enjoy ^_^.


    You need Xvid, newest version if possible. Yes, you do indeed. DOWNLOAD IT. Or suffer the fate of not being able to see the video synced to the audio :p.
    IF YOU HAVE THE DEFILER PACK: You must check the dropdown menu in the start menu, and click on "Configure Video Settings" and make SURE "Post Processing" is unchecked, unless you have a fast PC.


    Here, listed for your convenience, are the creators, with their animes/parts utilized:

    Devolution: 00:00:00-00:35:00-Kodomo No Omocha
    02:43:16-03:04:18-Cowboy Bebop-Knockin' on Heaven's Door

    SSGWNBTD: 00:35:01-01:04:24- Bastard!
    End of Evangelion
    Puni Puni Poemi
    Rurouni Kenshin

    Jesmaster: 01:04:25-01:34:23- Excel Saga
    Azumanga Daioh
    Abenobashi Mahou Shontegai
    Sexy Commando

    DBZ_Doomrider: 01:34:24-02:07:01-DragonBall Z

    Hitokiri GekiGengar: 02:07:02-02:30:29-Jungle Wa Itsumo
    Hale Nochi Guu/Deluxe
    Great Teacher Onizuka

    Opinions would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks a ton ^_^.

    Enjoy, and party hard ^_^....and opinions are GREATLY appreciated.

    Edit: You can expect to see this little number playing at AWA this year ^_^. So, enjoy!

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