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  • Members (12): VegettoEX, Castor Troy, Dannywilson, FurryCurry, Grover, Hitori, Maverick, MeriC, dbz_doomrider, dokidoki, gambitt, mckeed
  • Title: Doomrider (DBZ AMV Project)
  • Premiered: 2005-03-01
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    • Darude Sandstorm
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    It was a cold Canadian January day back in 2003, Ian Kasloff's (DBZ_Doomrider's) birthday to be precise (January 22nd)... when he suddenly became very sad. He had just come from his birthday party to relax a little bit, to sit down with the music videos he so very much enjoyed... he came to the realization that of all his favorite AMVs, few had anything to do with DragonBall Z. He read through countless posts complaining about the overuse of the series and the washed out and recycled garbage that were being pumped out in the way of DBZ music videos... geeze... it's rather frightening, especially as a DBZ fan, to realize what a huge prejudice there inherently is against you. That's what fandom is, and it's part of the gig... but it's still dishearteneing.

    But Ian had an idea...!

    Imagine all of the highlights of DragonBall Z, set to a custom remix of Darude's "Sandstorm." Further imagine... that... well... it doesn't suck ^^;;. "DOOMRIDER" is yet another collaborative anime music video project, in the same vein as many others. Individual editors get individual parts of a song, edit the entire length of their audio, and send their mini-videos back to the coordinators. The coordinators then take the pieces and splice it all back together to form one giant music video.

    So what makes this project different?

    For one thing, it's an attempt to make a simply kick-ass DBZ video, start to finish. Talented editors who enjoy the show (some of which are already well known for DBZ music videos and fansites over the last many years) come together to make a DBZ video that they enjoy making, and hopefully will unleash to an audience in desperate need of another good DBZ video ^_~. The entire length of DBZ's drama & action (a full 291 episodes) brought down to a seizure-inducing 8 minutes 52 seconds... could you really ask for much more?

    Before -anything-, Ian decided that jumping into multi-editor projects was a step that was to be taken seriously, so he created a very small-scale project called "The Party Hard Project", an eight-track project set to Andrew W.K.'s "Party Hard", involving a few creators. Going from this experience (collaboration, technical, distribution, etc.), it was time for him to move back into the original vision.

    Recruitment time. Many prominant DBZ video editors voiced their interest in the project, some their disinterest in the project, and many most simple hesitation. (I even hesitated for a bit... I didn't know DBZ_Doomrider, and the idea seemed a little funky at first... as time passed on, and Ian's pestering increased... I broke down ^_~. I knew I could handle the tech, and we both agreed that I'd be able to take care of the project with every best intention and love.)

    After countless revisions in splitting up the song across sagas/arcs (thanks to Xenodrake for the audio!), track selection began for those who wanted them. First up were those already well known for their DBZ fandom (be it AMVs and websites, usually both!). Next came AMV editors that, while not necessarily well-known for their DBZ videos (if any at all), loved the show and wanted to help out. Eventually, due to at least nine track replacements, it came down to a few simply reliable editors (that we knew and could check up on) that had nothing against the show (combined with a few editors doubling-up on tracks). So, it was a race to beat the clock... for countless due dates that were not met... then for AWA 2003... then AWA 2004... (we even almost finished for that one...! ^-^;;)

    For the sake of it, let's check out some of the important dates:

    2003-Jan-02: Original project idea
    2003-Aug-14: Audio files made available to editors
    2003-Oct-20: Original final due date
    2004-Jun-19: Beta Preview @ AnimeNext (4-5 tracks missing)
    2004-Sept-24: Beta Preview @ AWA (1 track missing)
    2005-Feb-22: Last track dropped into the timeline
    2005-Mar-01: Final online premier

    After countless delays, over two years later, at least nine track replacements, and eventual domestic/Japanese DVD releases... the project was completed. A few editors doubled-up on tracks (some simply to get it near-complete in time for AWA 2004)... but it's done. It's done, it's fantastic, and we really couldn't have asked for much more. Hopefully you will enjoy the project just as much as we enjoyed creating it.

    It's an attempt to get together a bunch of fans who love the show, others who simply wanted a place to let their creative juices flow with a series they enjoyed... sometimes both... and make something we enjoyed, and felt that other DBZ fans would enjoy. If others happen to enjoy it, that's even better. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so patient for this project, and we present it to you with a smile on our faces.


    - Tracks 13 and half of 14 are VHS-source-only in America; at the time these videos were edited, they were not even released on DVD in Japan. Since, these episodes have had R2 releases (as a part of $1000 "Dragon Box" sets), but still haven't even gotten released on DVD in the US...! (Granted, they begin mid-March...)

    - The ending credits are a direct homage to the DBZ movie style. The song is a remix of the 1st TV ending theme ("Detekoi Tobikiri ZENKAI PawÔ!"), and just like the movies, the video shrinks up to a side/corner while the credits play along-side. As names come up, their respective tracks play.

    - (more to be added soon)

    And now, as we collapse into a deep, exhausted sleep, we leave you with the full credits and our gratitude for checking out the video.


    Original Project Concept:
    Ian Kasloff (DBZ_Doomrider)

    Project Coordinators:
    Ian Kasloff (DBZ_Doomrider)
    Michael LaBrie (VegettoEX)

    Technical Coordinator:
    Michael LaBrie (VegettoEX)

    Audio Preparation:
    David P. (XenoDrake)

    Meredith Cantoni (Meri)

    Track 01 - Raditz arc:
    Michael LaBrie (VegettoEX)

    Track 02 - Saiya-jin arc:
    Meredith Cantoni (Meri)

    Track 03 - Early Namek arc:
    Ryan Molina (Castor Troy)

    Track 04 - Ginyu Tokusentai arc:
    Tim Park (Doki Doki Productions)

    Track 05 - Freeza arc:
    Ian Kasloff (DBZ_Doomrider)

    Track 06 - Garlic Jr. arc:
    James Scharmack (Hitori)

    Track 07 - Trunks arc:
    Danny Wilson (Dannywilson)

    Track 08 - Jinz˘ningen arc:
    Ryan Molina (Castor Troy)

    Track 09 - 1st-form Cell arc:
    James Scharmack (Hitori)

    Track 10 - 2nd-form Cell arc:
    Steve Voccola (Grover)

    Track 11 - Perfect Cell arc:
    Edward Voccola (Maverick)

    Track 12 - Cell Games arc:
    Jeff Heller (gambitt)
    Michael LaBrie (VegettoEX)
    Meredith Cantoni (Meri)

    Track 13 - Ano Yo-ichi Bud˘kai arc:
    Jonathan Tenorio (Wolf Hunter)

    Track 14 - Great Saiyaman / 25th Tenka-ichi Bud˘kai arc:
    Ron McClellan (FurryCurry)

    Track 15 - Early Majin Buu arc:
    David McKeen (mckeed)

    Track 16 - "Super" Buu / Fusion arc:
    Michael LaBrie (VegettoEX)

    Track 17 - "Chibi" Buu arc:
    Meredith Cantoni (Meri)


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