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  • Profile: Hello I am an 20 year old student at AVC. I have been interested in anime since the 8th grade and started making vids last year.

    I finally recieved Premiere 6.5 in the mail and just started my first REAL video. For capturing I use the following DVD Decrypter, DVD to AVI, VFAPI, ForceAspi, and Virtual Dub for DVD, The PSX Multiconvertor for the game vids, and the DAZZLE 150 for analog video capture. As for the computer I use my DELL Dimension 8250 with 3.06 Pentium 4 with a Gig of RAM two ATI 100 harddrives a 200gig and a 120gig for video...I love it.

    Current Anime:

    Dragonball Z VHS (to many to list)
    Dragonball Z Namek Saga DVD
    Dragonball Z Imperfect Cell Saga DVD
    Dragonball Z Kid Buu Saga DVD
    Escaflowne the Movie
    Yu Yu Hakusho DVDs 1,2,16,17,18,19,20,22
    Kenshin TV

    Current Project:

    I am working hard with the Kid Buu Saga DVD footage to capture the power and emotion of the final episodes, and final battle of DBZ. I am using Premiere 6.5, all of the DVD capture software listed above, and the theme song "Hope" by Apocalyptica...its going to feature a TON of editing, and is taking forever to do. But I will not get lazy because I have high expectations for this vid and I want it to be solid. Hope to have it done by the end of March...until then please dont be too hard on my first AMV "The End of Time Remastered."

    UPDATE: My DBZ Conclusion video is finally done!!! Please watch and enjoy!

    UPDATE: 5-26-04 Well my DBZ Conclusion video is going over quite well with the good people on this site, so hopefully I will get started on my latest project soon. Its going to be quite different than anything ever seen before on this site. The anime with probably be Escaflowne The Movie, with another song by Apocalyptica (because instramental music fits nicely with that anime). However the editing is going to be wild! Also all of the editing / special effects are going to be done with after effects because I cannot afford it at the moment. Its going to be sweet!

    UPDATE 1-12-05 Well the last 6 months have been packed with school and other non exciting necessary activities. I am finally going to buckle down and begin to make MULTIPLE that will far surpass the DBZ conclusions. I recieved premiere pro and after effects 6.0 over the last 6 months and I cant wait to give both of them a go :) Look for my next video to be a shorter action packed (almost a trailer) of Gundam Wing Endless Waltz...then most likely a series of Rurouni Kenshin videos that I plan to put a great deal of effort into. I cant wait :)

    UPDATE 4-6-05 WOOT I am back and just want to say that progress in the new video is going very well. I cant wait to release the video because its been almost a year since I released DBZ Conclusions. The new video is going to be very detailed, and has proven to be better than DBZC thus far :)

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Gundam Wing
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