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  • Member: Katsumi_AMVs
  • Title: Obsession
  • Premiered: 2004-06-20
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  • Song:
    • Queen Gimme the Prize
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  • Comments: ====================================================================

    Yay new vid it's done ^^

    First of all

    Sorry for the HUGE file size , that was the best version that I get after encoding the vid
    more than 10 times , I'm tired right now , but I'll try to make a smaller version
    in the future , then , I'll ask to an admin to replace the file.


    Video Concept

    The idea for this vid started here , so , I dedicate this vid for Arigatomyna
    She is for me the most important org member , because she helped me a lot
    when I was a newbie with a bunch of newbish dumb questions , now I'm glad
    that I was able to show her with my effort in this vid ,
    how much I'm gratefull and like her ^^

    I always wanted a vid to this song and I realized that Vegeta personality fits
    with this song ,now I'm happy , I have a vid with a song that I like and one of my
    fave characters of DBZ.
    This vid looks like a trailer , at some parts of this vid I'm matching lyrics with things that
    actually haven't happened in the DBZ series , if you're a fan of DBZ , you will understand
    what I'm talking about ^^

    The song

    Very hard to edit , in some parts I was confused to choose wich instruments of the song
    must be synchronized with the visuals , but don't worry turned out good IMO.

    In many parts of this song have some dialogues , they're all from the movie Highlander
    and for my lucky Kurgan "talk" a lot in this song , Vegeta goes well with those parts ^^

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