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  • Member: Endless Pride
  • Studio: Kut-Masta Keven Studios
  • Title: Dragonball Z Conclusion
  • Premiered: 2004-05-21
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    • Apocalyptica Hope
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  • Comments: FINALLY!!! It’s finally over!

    This video nearly ended my AMV making career, and don’t let the title and anime fool you, because this is not your everyday DBZ video, no no…its far above average. Over the last three months I have been a slave to DVD ripping, encoding editable AVI files, learning the Premiere 6.5 program, of course endless hours of editing, and battling final encoding problems to alas give you great AMV people something to enjoy.

    First things first. I chose to use Dragonball Z because I have grown up with the anime, and as much as it is overused, I still felt I have to pay tribute to it. I used the Kid Buu Saga DVD footage in an attempt to pay tribute to the ending of the greatest action cartoon of all time. I am not saying this is the best video ever or anything, but simply that I am proud of what I accomplished and feel it’s a very solid video.

    The song choice was simple…once I heard Apocalyptica’s Hope, I knew I had to put DBZ footage to it. This is a very fast song, and I believe I put a piece of footage to every single beat of the song. I used roughly 685 DIFFERENT SCENES of DBZ anime…yes I said 685…in a video that is only 3:49 long!
    So needless to say this video was quite the undertaking for me, and if it was not for the support of my friends…particularly Joel (Elrist), I probably would not have finished it.

    This video is not only a pointless action video, but a video reflecting the friendship between Goku and Vegeta. Anyone who has seen the anime will pick this up from the start.

    The video file is a DIVX file (I was going to use XVID, however I had problems syncing the audio and video perfectly). So if you are having trouble viewing it, make sure you have the latest version of the DIVX codec (511) or better.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and or download my video, and as always opinions are greatly appreciated!

    Endless Pride

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