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  • Member: Lounge Fly
  • Studio: Lounge Fly Recording Studios
  • Title: Rurouni Kenshin - Hajime Saitou Tribute
  • Premiered: 2003-04-23
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    • Evanescence Bring Me To Life
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    ==UPDATE 6-4-03==
    A re-edit of this video has gone underway. If you enjoy this video, then please check back for an updated project. It will not be done to the same song and should have a plethora of digi effects and action in it. Check out My Journal because I will keep updates in it
    ==End Update==

    Saitou. A character that most everyone loves, but no one has made an AMV to. I couldn't understand why such a person who is liked so much did not have an AMV created for him, so I decided to try to put together a good Saitou Hajime tribute AMV.

    It wasn't easy trying to find a song. When making AMVs, I try to stick with a female singer when I make a music video about a girl and I try to have a guy singer when I do a profile about a guy, so I shot down this Evanescence song initially, and was going for "One of a Kind" by Breaking Point. I was thinking "one of a kind, that's what Saitou is and this song kicks ass!" But it was shot down.

    I eventually picked this song with high reluctancy. I didn't think it'd work out. But after listening to the song a few times, ideas kept popping into my head and I became excited to make it.

    I had to create a video that would live up to a Saitou character profile and I tried as best as I could. This was my first attempt using digital effects in a video. I spent over an hour on less than 5 seconds of video. That's how new I was to keyframing and digi effects. I think it turned out pretty well.

    There are some problems though that I didn't know how to fix at the time. Such as the Interlace flickering in one quick scene, and the brightness in a few scenes...but all in all I think it all came out superb.

    I did some half assed lip synching during the part where the guy and the girl seem to be chatting with one another. It's actually quite hillarious to see Usui talking with a female voice. The truth is, I had no clue what to do there and that was the first thing that came in my mind.

    So for all you Saitou fans out there, I hope you enjoy the tribute made especially for him!

    **Possible Thought**
    Even though I'm not the greatest AMV maker in the world, I have been contemplating lately that I might possibly make another Saitou video. I thought of this after watching this one and seeing all these things that I could have done to make it better had I known back when I made it. It would not be the same song. So what do you think? It's just a thought. I won't be doing it anytime soon since my Premiere doesn't even want to export the video I have made right now anyway (11-9-03)

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