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  • Profile: About me: I'm a 18 years old male brazilian. Currently I'm on my second year of university, trying to get my hands on a journalism diplom. I tend to get lost with too many projects without ever finishing one, but I've managed to edit a total of 4 videos (2 of them you can download in this page) and I'm currently working on my next one. Who knows, odds are I might finish this one as well. I'm skeptical about most things, but optimistic as a whole. I believe everything a man can do, another one can do as well - a concept that I have yet to prove by making a video at least close to the ones on my Favorites list. Who knows.

    About my videos: My main concern is to unite brazilian music (which is by itself a great mixture of styles) with japanese animation, and create an original way of making anime music videos - and music videos in general. Sometimes I make "standard" videos as learning experiments - After Effects IS a tough one, after all. If you want a sample of what I'm aiming for, try my Mushroom Samba vid - I assure you have not seen anything quite like it. My sakura vid is just your standard sakura vid, I'd suggest it only if you're a fan (Sakura's, not mine). My next project is Directions - featuring this song from the Vannila Sky Soundtrack coupled with Cowboy Bebop footage: a great, epic tale about how you can easily fuck up all your important choices in life. It's a very meaningful and strong concept for me, and I hope I can express it to others - much like my favorite vid, Mad World, does.

    That is, if I get myself to finish the damn thing :P

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  • Butterfly Dance (2005-12-20)
    [hits: 1305][opinions: 0]
    • Zé Ramalho A Dança das Borboletas
    • Cowboy Bebop - The Movie: Knockin' on Heaven's Door
    • Serious
  • Mushroom Samba (2004-07-21)
    [hits: 2182][opinions: 4]
    • Mestre Ambrósio Forró de Primeira
    • Cowboy Bebop - The Movie: Knockin' on Heaven's Door
    • Action
    • Dance
    • Fun
  • Digital Sakura (2004-07-15)
    [hits: 4640][opinions: 7]
    • Daft Punk digital love
    • Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card (2nd Movie)
    • Dance
    • Romance