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  • Member: VicBond007
  • Studio: VicBond007 Productions
  • Title: This Isn't What We Meant REMASTERED EDITION!
  • Premiered: 2001-08-10
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    • Savatage This Isn't What We Meant
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    With a victory at Katsucon under my belt I was certain that I could finally get my redemption at Otakon for the horrible way I was treated last year. Leave it to a few disgruntled fanboys to screw me over. This year, instead of experienced AMV creators jduging which videos got into the final competition, a few random fans were selected because they were "in the area" to decide the fate of the Otakon2001 AMV submissions. Needless to say, even after countless hours of remastering, This Isn't What We Meant was rejected. I was stuck on the overflow tape with all the other videos that "weren't good enough". Am I sore? Oh yeah. Malice seems to fuel my creative energy though and as a result I made When Worlds Collide, my first attempt at "power editing".

    Below are notes from the original TIWWM:
    First Place at Katsucon007
    Will show at Otakon2001 to redeem myself after the horrible reaction last year's video of mine got, and then will retire.
    In every video I make I try to express emotion. It's the emotion that drives this video and makes it stand out. The video itself was done in many layers which symbolize that there are many layers to everything as one's actions and intentions can be viewed from different perspectives. This song and this style is what I felt when I watched Evangelion and I tried to express that as much as possible when creating "the Eva video to end all Eva videos."
    This particular video too me 300+ hours to edit. I wanted to get everything right. Every beat and every word had to work perfectly. I had only one chance to use this perfect song for this anime and I couldn't screw it up.

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