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  • Member: ZennMora
  • Studio: Forty Dollar Productions
  • Title: Ninja Of The Night
  • Premiered: 2003-06-05
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    • Sifl and Olly Ninja of the Night
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  • Comments: Naruto is a great show, and when I started watching it, all I could think of was this Sifl and Olly song. It involves two ninjas who have just graduated from "Ninja Tech"; one is boastful and excited about showing off his new ninja techniques, while the other is more reserved and respectful of the way of the ninja. After a short humorous dialogue, they bust into song. I decided to cast Naruto as the excited ninja, and Sasuke as the reserved one. I really want this video to be on par with my other video Captain Hampton, if not better. So that means I'm going to take my time with it.

    Won Best Comedy and Fan Favorite at Metrocon 2003!!!!
    Won Best Comedy at AFO4!!!!

    Also, for those interested...Aksarah from the Chuunin LiveJournal community edited together the Naruto manga to go along with my Ninja of the Night AMV. It's really funny! Here it is: (Page 1) (Page 2) (Page 3) (Page 4) (Page 5) (Page 6) (Page 7) (Page 8) (Page 9) (Page 10)

    This video is acutally part of a trilogy of Ninja of the Night videos (the other two were made exclusively for Metrocon). The other two can be found here:

    Ninja of the Night - The Exam:

    Ninja of the Night - Precious Roy:

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