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    Ridiculously Expensive Editing Program - CHECK!
    Memory Chip - CHECK!
    Box Set of Trigun DVDs - Coming Soon
    Anti-Virus Software - CHECK!
    DVD-Drive - CHECK!

    To describe me in a nutshell, I have all of the the ideas, all of the talent, all of the potential, but none of the right tools.

    That may change in the very near future, though.

    For starters, I owe the beginning of my "career" to my friend 2 2 5. Once he showed me some of his AMVs he made from Kazaa downloads and Windows Movie Maker (Totally illegal, yes, but we were totally oblivious to it at the time.), I got to thinking "Why the hell can't I do this?" So came my absolute first AMV, "Always" (Song: Always; Artist: Saliva; Footage: Dragonball Z). The quality was horrendous (What could you expect from Kazaa?), but since 2 2 5 was in no position to complain, he took a liking to some of my vids.

    I made several other DBZ AMVs using Kazaa that I won't even bother mentioning; I no longer consider them decent enough to show to anyone else. So, I began to search online for how the pros do it and how the quality of their AMVs are so sharp. Needless to say, when I found that the pros spend near $1000 for videos, only one thought crossed my mind: My parents would never let me spend my money on something like this.

    They still haven't to this day.

    So, I only officially recognize my "ametur career" beginning with my first AMV whose clips weren't pirated from Kazaa (Although still produced by Windows Movie Maker.): "Fallen Into Yesterday" (Song: Days of the Phoenix; Artist: AFI; Footage: FLCL). No, I didn't buy the DVDs. 2 2 5's friend had them, and he ripped them from his friend, and I copied them from him. About 30 hours of effort (Or patience. However you want to look at it.), I sat back and reveled in my creation. Which brings up the thought: It's time to do this for real.

    Thanks to one of my Mom's co-workers, my dreams may finally become a reality. After coming to the realization that Windows ME can't get much crappier, this co-worker stopped by to fix my CD-burner so I could save all of my vids to disk before I used the recovery disk to wipe the hard drive clean, as if it were brand new. However, it seems that even that won't be necessary. This guy just happens to have a spare Memory chip and Copy of Windows XP.


    Once I get my hands on those, I'll be getting a copy of a Movie Maker program that 2 2 5 owns. He forgot to mention the name (Something by Ulead), but he describes it as "The clone of Adobe Premiere". Why doesn't he use it himself? He says it's too complicated and would rather stick to his Windows Movie Maker 2. But I bet I can figure it out.

    What's even better is now there's a possibility that my parents will get me a capture card.

    I haven't pitched them the suggestion of me buying a boxset of something (Trigun, most likely.), but I'll get there eventually.

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