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  • Member: BogoSort
  • Title: It's Tricky to Make a Music Video
  • Premiered: 2003-05-21
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    • Run DMC It's Tricky
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  • Comments: The original concept for this video came from me spending too much time
    playing SSX Tricky - a highly excellent video game, and discussing
    gripes about the generic con-going amv crowd. The intro to this
    excellent video game can be found at I had also just gotten
    a new PC that should be fast enough to handle more more advanced video
    editing processes than my old Celeron 550 clunker. Thus I made a
    mockery amv of all of the gratitutious aspects of amvs that the
    audiences at cons seem to enjoy.

    Specs for my new machine(dubbed PH34RB0T):
    Pentium 4 2.4Ghz 533FSB
    Asus P4S8X
    512MB Corsair PC2700 RAM
    80GB WD SE drive
    Lian Li PC6089 case
    Antec TruePower 430W

    Awards that incarnations of this video has won at contests that it has trolled^H^H^H^H^H^H^H appeared in:
    Best Upbeat Otakon 2003
    Audience Choice Anime USA 2003
    Best Comedy Ohayocon 2004
    Judge's Choice Katsucon 2004
    Best Parody VCA 2004

    When will the trolling be complete?

    Since no one actually reads these things I'm just going to rant about
    the creation of this video here, and attempt to explain why this video
    has no artistic merit or originality, and thus no one should like it.

    In the production of this video, I had several main guiding principles
    to make it suck as much as possible:
    1. All audiences enjoy watching Vash dance.
    2. Most of the amv viewing audience doesn't care for actual
    artistic merit, but rather they like silly special effects.
    3. People like high energy videos.
    4. As much as people complain about spoilers, in the end, everyone
    wants to see them.
    5. Epilepsy makes everything better
    6. The more anime series that an amv uses, the better it is. Thus
    I used 69 different anime series.
    7. Lens flares also make everything better.
    8. Star wipes are cool.
    9. Recursion is a beautiful element in all art forms.

    Videos that provided inspiration for this one:
    aokakesu's Odorikuruu - One of the most popular videos of all time.
    With it's flashy graphics and feverish onscreen dancing action, it has
    entertained the masses. I ripped off a great many things, such as the
    concept that more animes used == good, the completely gratuitous color
    flashes to add energy to the video, random crazy spinning of characters
    onscreen. Hell, I even ripped off the flashy dance colors of the video
    straight up.

    Kevin Caldwell's Engel and Believe - These two videos are often used to
    demonstrate the pinnacle of amv creation. Though they do use a variety
    of interesting innovative effects, they effects are often used just to
    match with the flow of the music and not to actually convey any sort of
    meaning. In the Evangelion segment, I sought to replicate the editing
    style and flow of a Kevin Caldwell video(as well as incorporate some of
    the clips that he used in Engel). Actually, I just stole his patented
    timing machine to make this segment. He's not using it anymore for
    making amvs anyways. ;)

    Kusoyaro's Sappy Self Indulgence - Many people like such sappy romantic
    anime and such themes, and highlighting the cheerful aspects of such
    romance brings to mind many happy emotions in the audience. Thus in the
    Fushigi Yuugi segment, I sought to emulate the generic sappy video with
    lots an early bit of dismissal, then rampant happy scenes with
    affection. This part is also the cleanse part that didn't use much in
    the way of flashing mostly due to lack of them in this genre of vids.

    absolutedestiny's Shameless Rock Video - This video shows why digital
    effects are uber cool. Not a single frame of this vid has unedited
    footage from FLCL. Unfortunately in order to directly rip off most of
    the effects from this, I'd have to make them look good, and that just
    wasn't going to happen. I did however rip off the clip multiplication
    bit from there.

    Eric Kobet's Tainted Donuts - Cowboy Bebop and Trigun in a single video?
    Audiences love both series, and any video with Spike acting cool and
    badass, as well as Vash dancing has to be good right?

    xstylus's A Total Waste of 6min 35sec - Winner of the comedy category of
    AX2002, by being booed for the applause meter. He states in a video
    that all crappy amvs have subtitles and the Cartoon Network logo. Thus
    I added subtitles to the El Hazard segments. And in ripping off one of
    his favorite clips from Lain, I put my new network. The appearance of
    the BogoNetwork logo in the video is the first step on the path to

    Aluminum Studios' Blue Mercury - Lots of random screen flashes and star
    fields on the beat were central to this amv. I used the white screen
    flashes throughout the video, and added star fields where appropriate,
    especially in the end with the starwipe of Vash.

    Zarxrax's Fanservice Video - I don't particularly enjoy watching
    fanservice, but audiences really love it. There's a very quick segment
    with lots of boob shots and groping to appease the perverted masses.

    When I was about half done with the video, I came across an post from
    PatrickD about the 10 Commandments of AMVs. Having seen them, and after
    vowing to make the absolute worst music video ever, it was important to
    break as many of these commandments as possible. Thus they quickly
    became added to my todo list. I've broken all but the last one. But I
    have plans to break that one too... Here they are in their
    entirety(ripped off without permission):

    PatrickD's Ten Commandments of Anime Music Videos:
    (No offense intended towards God or religion. Deal with it.)

    1) Thou shall not take any aspect ratio except one aspect ratio.
    Don't intermix full screen video with letterboxed video. Changes
    between the two are distracting for the audience. You want your video
    to look like one complete product, but intermixing the two aspect ratios
    works against that.

    2) Thou shall make no image with subtitles.
    Subtitles are bad. Don't do it. Text distracts the audience. They'll
    be too busy reading to pay attention to the video. This also applies to
    the logos that networks stick in the bottom-right corner.

    3) Thou shall not let characters talk in vain.
    Avoid having characters talking in the video (unless their lips are
    synchronized with the lyrics.) If characters are talking while you
    can't hear what they're saying, the audience is left wondering what
    they're missing.

    4) Thou shall honor thy fellow creators.
    Don't take anime footage from other videos. If you actually want to
    make a good video, you'll need to do it right and record your own source
    footage. Go buy the DVDs.

    5) Thou shall not steal.
    Yeah, Napster might be fun, but if you're going to use a song in a
    video, go out and buy the CD. MP3s aren't the same quality anyway.
    Plus, you'll get a warm, fuzzy feeling for supporting the music artists.

    6) Thou shall not let video static lie.
    If you're recording from VHS, put a mask over that video static in the
    bottom few lines of the screen. Seeing that hop all over the place
    while the video plays is distracting...and it looks bad too.

    7) Thou shall not kill clips haphazardly.
    Don't just stick in footage wherever it fits. Plan ahead and have them
    fit with the music. Follow the beat of the music and plan clips around

    8) Thou shall not use footage more than once.
    Avoid using the same video clip more than once. It shows that you
    either have a very short memory or you didn't capture enough source
    footage. If it's a humor bit, keep in mind that there's a reason
    comedians never tell the same joke to the same audience twice.

    9) Thou shall not covet thy editor's transitions.
    Just because you have all these transitions doesn't mean you have to use
    them. Only use what's appropriate for the scene. Putting in
    transitions because they're "cool" isn't a good idea. Only use them if
    they add to the story.

    10) Thou shall keep the output acceptable.
    Nobody wants to download a 50 Mb video just to find out that it's been
    poorly compressed with garbled sound. Use compression methods such as
    QuickTime, MPEG, AVI/DivX, or high-quality RealMedia. Experiment until
    you find one that works well...then feel free to stick with it. Avoid
    using obscure codecs since nobody really wants to have to install a
    codec just to view one video.

    -PatrickD - Webmaster -
    See You Space Cowboy...

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