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  • Members: MajinKenshinAMV, ccwarnick
  • Studio: Zero Tolerance Films
  • Title: Toushi
  • Premiered: 2004-03-15
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    • SR-71 Goodbye
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  • Comments: Well I basically took a sum of all the previous comments about my older vids and changed everything I agreed on and then changed the things I thought were inadequate about my older vids. At first I was solely going for effects i had this hype from all the awsome effect vids I have seen on here lately (kudos to you pimps that made those!) but then I realized maybe I was missing the big picture on it being MY video. So I thought about the concept of the greatest speaker does not use the biggest vocabulary but the simplest terms used at the appropriate time. I was reminded of this video I have always loved (Eternal Damnation by Fluxmeister) and how it was such a simple video when put in terms of editing but the effort and effect it had on me was just awsome. So I wanted to do a simpler but good timing video with lots of lyrical comparisons and a decent amount of effects but not overboard. And here is the final result. I'm sure anyone who liked my older vids will be pleased with this one and if you haven't seen the older ones or maybe you didn't like them....Download it anyways! 74 hours total to make it. hope you enjoy it!

    PS: If you like this vid and are looking for similiar work from me you should look up "Jigoku" it's an action paced vid like this but to the animes "Hellsing" and "Vampire Hunter D." If you hate this vid and you want to slam me then you can do that too by giving me a horrible opinion. But I must warn you I WILL cry. =P

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