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  • Member: Bote
  • Title: Vejita's attitude show
  • Premiered: 2004-02-12
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    • M.C. Hammer Can't Touch This
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  • Comments: It's an old video and it used dlded footage :D, but I still liked it back then and I do now too. And OMG my description is so retarded I should punch myself in teh head. Meh, too lazy to edit it :P.

    Talk about some true fun here lol. This was a very fun and enjoyable video to make. I had more fun in the last 3 weeks making it than
    I did for New Year's Eve lol. I know the song choice is kinda odd for a DBZ video, but think about it...The voice of MC Hammer fits Vegeta
    perfectly! And some parts of the song cannot be more perfect for showing what Vegeta really is. And all that from a funny point of view!
    The biggest advantages of this video are: some rare clips that I've barely seen in other videos, great quality (almost everything
    is from DVD's. Some done by myself, some made by friends), very good clip choice (they match both the situation and the rythm) and
    insane timing! I literarely matched EVERY BEAT. If you know the song you'll know what I mean.There are only 2-3 that I didn't match,
    but only because it would have been an eyesore with all the effects I used. Oh, and the effects are pretty nice I guess. I didn't want to
    use simple strobing and flashing so I kinda experimented a little. You'll have to see yourself, won't you? :D

    Vegeta is just a plain badass in this video! He mocks and laughs to everyone, does whatever he wants and kicks some major ass of
    everyone he despises. Here's how it goes:

    Intro - Movie 7 footage that shows both Vegeta's superiority(the video is supposed to show him superior to other characters. Well,
    sometimes I made him look dumb 'cause it was needed by the lyrics and situation.) and weakness of other characters. Mainly Goku and
    Trunks. Later, I kicked Trunks from the video 'cause he wasn't needed. So, all his glory ends

    Situation 1 - Vegeta gets rid off Goku. First there's Saiyan saga fight, then Majin saga fight(I hate using it but it couldn't have been
    different), but this is truly cool...the clips from the fight with A19. I made them look like Vegeta defeated Goku, then mocks over his beaten
    body and kicks himto Piccolo. lol Looks really good.

    Situation 2 - Ahh, teh mighty Ginew force! lol I did use one scene with Dodoria, but it was fitting so I put it toghether with ginew force.
    Needless are the words for these scene. It looks very funny and interesting. Vegeta wants them to obey his authority and so they have
    to dance and fly and stuff. He gets annoyed and starts beating the crap out of them! lmao
    He then totally looses himself, turns SSJ and starts beating other villains to! First there's A19, then Cell, but Janemba is just to much for him
    Janemba makes him tired and so...what next?

    Situation 3 - Well, somebody has to continue lol. Gohan as a Great Saiyaman pops in and says "Have a time!". Pretty good scene.
    He dances arround and even lets some other dudes pop in: Videl, Muten & Oolong, Chibi Trunks & Goten. Vegeta is horrified so he says
    "You better get hyped boy, 'cause you know you can't touch this". An interesting effect here.

    Situation 4 - Vegeta's back! He's "hyped" and does some crazy stuff. "Tours arround the world", shows YOU the finger rofl etc.

    Situation 5 - Well, he shows little generosity for Goku & Muten so he lets them pop in. Close attention here! Goku trains in order to
    get stronger but nope...he only makes a fool of himself lol. Muten does some freaky acrobatics and has Vegeta's attention. Goku gets
    scared, he knows he got his ass kicked so he stays calm. But Muten...roflmao...starts mocking Vegeta and even shows his muscular
    body lol making Vegeta hide behind a tree. roflmao

    Outro - Ok, so Oolong is not happy with Muten and kicks him outta the scene lol.Trunks & Goten make their appearance to, but for a short
    time. And there we have Vegeta looking down at them as he's "the king of the world". lol

    SO................................WATCH IT MANY TIMES! :D

    Some short info in the end:

    RealMedia8, 550kb/s, 320X240
    2:55 mins.
    It can be even watchable full screen if Hardware acceleration is "on".

    Compliments to Vegetto37 for his great help with clips. Thanks again dude!

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