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    Hiya!! I should start with telling you a little about myself....
    Well, my name is Steven Englebrecht, 19yrs old, just a crazed otaku that loves anime an everything about it!!
    I began watching anime a while ago, it was with Sailormoon, and that was about 7 yrs ago!
    I remember the very first anime vhs tape that i bought, Neon Genesis Evangelion Genesis-10, After that, I was hooked, an never the same!!
    Over the years, just like any anime fan, I have seen great animes, shitty animes, an animes I hate because they were better than my fav's!!!
    There is no greater gift in my opinion, than, to give back the respect an effort that someone deserves!!
    Well I feel that creating anime music videos, an making very strong emotional statements in my work is a great way to give back to the anime creators that gave me all my fav. anime's!
    Not only them, but we (-us as individuals-) can do it to help new people see the way of the Otaku, an bring "Anime Eye Candy" to more an more people!! ^_^
    I began Video Editing about a year an a half ago.
    I bought Studio DC10+, an began messing with it. An all that it could limit me to do!! I found Dc10+ to be very user friendly.
    Fast easy, an very Innovative!
    I soon found my self working on a mock video (-which btw was really funny, but really crappy ^_^ lol-)
    So then I began my first project, it was a Street Fighter 2 the movie to Rob Zombies-"Super Beast"
    ...well after i finished it, the quality was ok, not the best or even average, but for a first vid it was really good!!
    After that I was very fimiliar with Dc10+ an decided to make a emotional video.
    SO I made a Fushigi Yugi video. Song was "Is this the End?" by Creed.
    I hated this video so bad, it wasnt comming along right an to make matters worse, Katsucon 007 was in 2 days!!!
    So we went, an after seeing the videos at Katsucon I came home an DESTROYED MY VID!!!! MUW HA HA HA HA!!
    So all that effort an time was wasted!
    I did learn from it, I was real upset.
    Why did I destroy it?
    what was it that my video lacked?
    Well I remember the words William Milberry said "people are making videos now because it is the cool thing to do, an because they like a song an an anime! They arent making the effort to express a goal or emotion"
    So I knew what I had to do....
    I thought an thought, an I knew I wanted to express the sadness an heart ache that Miaka an the Suzaku Seven went through as they lost one another!!
    I remade the video, an While it was never 100% finished, it was done decent enough, I really loved the final outcome, just a few parts I would go back an change...but its too late for that!
    I will note that in this video I learned how to use the song to enhance an create powerful images that can shatter emotions real fast!!
    I loved this effect, an used it alot, I made it seem like the song was meant soley for Fushigi Yugi, watch an see you will know what I mean when you see it yourself!! ^_-
    Next I made a Action Power House
    I made a Gundam Wing video an wanted to bring out the harsh an violent ways of the gundam's n the insanity of all the Gundam Piolets!!
    I used the song "Electric head part one" by White Zombie, while I couldnt understand anything he said...
    The music was too damn sweet, an it had action written all over it!!
    So I did it, I do note that in this video I learned how to make flashes an how to hit the beats to create a better veiwing experiance!!
    A pretty good video about average in my opinion!!
    Later I had a video editing halt...
    ...nothing was good, nothing seemed to be fun anymore!!
    I couldnt eat, an was very sick!!
    I guess I was really depressed!!
    Well I then decided to create a really sad an depressing video!!
    I used Fushigi Yugi again, but this time i used a song that was really really sad...even though I hate country music, Garth Brook's "When You Come Back To Me Again" was surely the song i needed!!
    I picked probably the anime character with the saddest life in all of anime. An that would be his highness Saihetai Hotohori!! I never really liked him that much, but I found myself more in him than in any of the other anime characters i knew, while my life was going almost just like his, I made this as a Tribute to him!!
    I wanted to do this video for Hoki/Hotohori, but there wasnt enough Hoki footage so I used a little of Miaka too!! The music seemed to fit right in, symbolism to every lyric matched Hotohori perfecly!!
    While many will hate this video purely on the fact that its Garth Brooks....
    please give it a chance, even if songs are bad an terrible, we make these videos to express something, don't pass this one up...if you've ever felt like there was nothing in the world for you, then this video will hit home!!
    Well after a depression phase, I was dealt with the reality that all my friends were soon leaving me, college, family, jobs, ya know the usual. So I made the next video for a friend that was, an still is close, although he is leaving soon..
    I just wanted him to know I will still care even when he is gone!!
    I needed a fast song that was action oriented an had strong an powerful lyrics...stuff about life an the reality of people!
    An no other song than Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People" hehehehe an what better anime than the trash talking, cop killing terrorists of Burn Up Warriors!!
    While this vid was an inside joke for poor ol andrew an his bomb making....the video could not be just on the terrorists!
    So I had to throw in alot of the good guys.
    While the Burn Up Squad did kick but in the vid...
    I just wish there was Burn Up X-Cess to work with, but sadly I couldn't get a copy!
    Well the video is a strong punch with a good bit of effort, while it isnt for everyone, it is extremely fun, an there is lots o blood an death!
    Just the reality of terrorism an what cops go through!
    I'll never forget the death of Rio's Friend ever!!!!
    This is a pretty decent video, above average in my mind, I learned how to synch the beats an emphasise he importance of suprising the audiance with differnt visuals. Fast an Deadly!! Thats the moral of this video, if u like killing, naked girls kickin butt, an good vs evil, then u might wanna give this one a shot!!
    Just a little note (I am obsessed with Megami-sama!!
    or should I say Miss Belldandy!! ^_^
    she is my favorite female anime character ever! an I doubt anyone can surpass her as of now!
    Well I ended up getting 4 different copies of the Ah! My Goddess Movie, 1st was a chinese bootleg, but it had stupid symbols in the corners so I couldnt capture the footage I needed! Second, same symbols...
    then 3rd was memorial boxed DTS edition AHHH VERY RARE!!! AN SO SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ v
    well that was region 2, an i didnt want to tape it an then recapture it, because Id loose I didnt want that! So finally I got a dvd edition of it that was perfect ::THANK YOU BELL::)
    OK now there comes a time when you find that special something or someone, an it makes all the difference in the world!!
    And when that person inspires you an helps create that part of extra hidden talent, you know they are important!!
    So I made this video to the two favorite females in my life!!
    Miss Belldandy, an Miss Jennifer ^_^ v!!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration an helping me keep hope alive!!
    I Decided to try an create a video worthy enough of Belldandy, an I wanted to bring out the horrors an nightmares she faces in the movie!!
    While she always had Keiichi by her side, she never loved herself, she soon forgot all about the person she loved most, while its sad but true, once she found that special inner child of hers that she buried deep down inside, all hope arrived an everything fell into place!!
    This was the same deal with me, I found similarities in someone that fit Bell's Character an I wanted to try an create a really really really great video that captured all i learned from that special person, an I wanted to see if I could create an show how nightmares can be overcome!!
    well after 1 an half month's time, I finished my video, I synched my video very well, almost perfect, I created a dull look for rememberance, I did everything I could to make this video work the way i needed it too!
    And I am very pleased with the final result!!
    I wont put it up till after its been played at Neko-con this year ( Oct. 26-28 ) while Im sure its not the most known band, I used Ultraspank's "Where" song!!
    It fit so well! I just cant describe how happy I am with this video!!!! ^_^ v
    Well I guess I said alot huh!!
    well I will post my videos up real soon, email me at if u would like to see any of these or if u have some questions!!
    Please give my videos a chance, while I know my videos arent perfect, I try really hard! As long as you put your heart into the video, its all that matters! Give them a chance an you wont be dissappointed!!
    My goal is to be as good as Kevin Caldwell .He is a editing GOD, while my newest video "Never Forget Me" is very good, its not quite up there with Caldwell. but its My top video an I am very impressed,I would love it if anyone of you liked it!!
    Please Negative or Positive feedback is wanted!!!!!!
    Cant get to the top unless Im getting good criticism ya know!! Argiatou Minna~

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