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  • Member: GaiDaigoji1982
  • Studio: Epitome Of Evil Productions
  • Title: Death Awaits Us All
  • Premiered: 2001-10-12
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    • Creed Is This The End
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  • Comments: This video is my third video afterall, but my first dramatic!
    Things were tough using Fushigi Yugi...
    mainly the capture time ughh 52 eps...yuck + oav, but i spent a good deal of time on it.
    I probably put about 80+hrs on it.
    Yeah I know it has flaws, but i still like it because it was my first dramatic vid.
    It has some really great stuff in it, an at the same time i look back an think damn why didn't i do that!
    But its all part of our first run of videos right?

    This video was garbaged because of computer problems...freakin
    MitsucockGAY had a corrupt file, along with TamahoeGAY an NakaHOE, so after my damn project wouldn't open i got mad an just said the hell with it!
    I later went to Katsucon 007 an was kinda scarred to go back to editing because of some of the good videos.

    But i gave her another shot.
    And this was when i put all the time an stuff into it.
    Maybe about 83 hrs in all, It may seem like alot compared to how the video actually is, but i dunno.
    80hrs work doesn't make a great video but it can be good, given the fact you had a goal in it.
    Well i guess there isn't much more to say, things went my way, an i finished it, im happy with it, i just wish i could have hit those beats an did something with the middle. sigh oh well...

    This video mainly focuses on the relationships an emotional ties between the Suzaku Seven.
    An a few of the Seiryu Seven made it in too!
    All about death, mourning them, an getting over it!

    But I would really only recommend this video if you love Fushigi Yugi, you like/love Creed, or you have a soft spot for emotional videos! All in all i think its slighty above average...but i had fun, an I can look back an just wish i changed it when i had the chance...
    May 2000. 80+hrs

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