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  • Member: GaiDaigoji1982
  • Studio: Epitome Of Evil Productions
  • Title: Never Forget Me
  • Premiered: 2001-10-26
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    • Ultraspank Where
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  • Comments: Epitome of Evil Productions 2002
    notes to viewers, a change is comming!
    expect to see my 4 new videos this year
    new videos this year are....

    1-Title:The Darkest Rivalry (Momomi vs. Mikura)
    Anime:Mezzo Forte Directors Cut
    Artist:Am I Blood
    Song:The Darkest Oponent
    Notes:Very Violent!! Very Bloody!! Very Cool!! If you've seen Mezzo Forte then you know what to expect, If you thought the Kite Directors cut was Violent an Bloody, then wait till you see Mezzo Forte, its actually like Kite, but add the fact that its a comedy, an add to the story one psycho bitch that loves to do nothing more than kill anything or anyone that upsets her! An a lil cute girl, decked out in all orange skin tight clothes ^ ^! she's a hired assassin! Both experts at killing, an getting what they want! But what happens when one stands in the others way? Not sure if this video will be accepted to any conventions....but if you've got a sweet tooth for hot girls toating leathal guns, violence so bizarre an realistic is painful to watch, an a kick ass song that sets the mood for the story of Yasuomi Umetsu, then make sure you download this video!! Its currently my best action video to date! I would like to add some kite into the video too, so i might postpone this one an make it extra sugary with even more blood an violence! well I'll keep ya updated! 100% completed

    Title:Havent decided yet! :(
    Anime:Shin Getter Robo Armegeddon
    Artist:In Flames
    Song:Bullet Ride
    Notes:hmmm 75% done, lots of violence, best robo ass kickin you ever saw!!! Trying really hard to edit it to the best of my ability, I know the song will frighten some of you off! But after some time listening to the song, I know you'll learn to love it! Just like I did! An the song defenently fits getter robo almost perfectly! Well i wanted this video to be done by Katsucon but i guess not! :( well hopefully this one will be completed sometime in January maybe early Febuary!

    Title:Havent decided yet! :(
    Anime:Fushigi Yuugi
    Song:Sad But True
    Notes:hmmm a great idea, but well lets see how it goes when i start it....its a video about nakago an yui an how nakago treats all the seriyu 7! It should be really good, but that easier said than done, ya know! Hopefully I'll start this whenever getter robo is finished!

    Title:Havent decided yet! :(
    Anime:BoogiePop Phantom
    Artist:Am I Blood
    Song:Isanity devoured me
    Notes:This will probably be my first technical, flashy, digital effect vid! well this wont be started for a while now,ahhh i gotta get ready for work...ja

    -EoE videos arent very technical in means of digital effects, an or


    but they are pretty good.

    -Some of my videos wont apply

    to some of you, an thats ok.

    -My videos are usually determined by the

    way im feeling, kinda obvious to tell what i was going through in

    some of my works!

    -My earlier works arent that impressive, but I've

    learned from my mistakes, and my newer works are a hell of a lot


    -Im not Sam Farha or Kevin Caldwell...but hopefully within

    years of practice an hard work editing i can get myself up there

    amongst them....who knows?

    -Editing to me, is just a way to get a climpse of what goes through an otaku's head!

    -I will be changing my id here at prob. to Epitome of Evil

    instead of GaiDaigoji1982, sorry Gai it's time to move on! :(

    -Look for all my old videos to be re-released, an downloadable!!

    plus, my 3 new videos i've been working on! Expect to see them up for

    download within the dates of jan-16-02-jan-25-02

    well happy downloading

    have fun

    see ya



    ~Steven ^_^v

    -Epitome of Evil Productions 2002-

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