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    Pictured above:

    The timeline from my upcoming AMV. Quite possibly the most complicated thing I've ever forced myself to deal with. ^_^

    I started making AMV's shortly after attending Anime Mid-Atlanitic 2 ( in 2002. The videos that year weren't anything really exceptional, but the thought of taking anime footage and music that I enjoyed and combining the two was a pretty radical concept, and I knew straight away that I needed to get involved with that. I never would have imagined that I would actually be able to do the things that I've ended up doing. I mean, I could barely use PHOTOSHOP for christ' sakes. Reguardless, I completed my fist video later that year and was suprised how realatively easy it was.

    Little did I know that my journey into learning was JUST getting started. Several downloads later, I started to realise that I didn't know shit about shit. This hit expecially hard when I saw AbsoluteDestiny's "Shameless Rock Video". Prior to that I didn't even realise that an AMV of that quality and skill could be produced without without spending retarded amounts of money. It was quite an epiphone.

    Fast forward to now. Looking back at what this hobby has cost me, (copmuter upgrades, books, TIME, etc.) I gotta tell you that it's worth it. I love making the videos, and I love seeing people's reactions when they watch them.

    As far as my philosophy goes, It's the little things in my videos that I feel makes them. I don't try to grab an anime and throw the most action ridden impacting scenes together and hope that they somehow coincide with the music. I perfer to attempt to tell a story of sorts, and do it in the most interesting way I can concieve. I don't always succeed, But I always have fun trying. It's kinda wierd, but when I am editing a video, I stop caring about the story that the anime told, and as I edit the footage instead I see the clips as raw material that I or the song needs to use to tell MY OWN story. That's got to be the most interesting part to me.

    It takes me a VERY long time to get a video from concept to release, so please bare with me. I assure you that it helps make the videos tons better!

    Anyway, I love to watch AMV's just as much as I like to make them. If you ever want an OP exchange, just shoot me an email, or PM me. I'd be glad to most of the time.

    -Joykiller (Drew Stallings)

    Technical Notes


    Custom made AMD XP2400+
    ASUS AGP 8x Motherboard
    Windows XP Home Edition
    1 x 120GB Western Digital ATA133 7200RPM Hard drive
    2 x 40GB Western Digital ATA133 7200RPM Hard drives
    ATI Radeon 9000 Video Card
    19" KDS Monitor

    Software used for making AMV's:

    Adobe Premiere 6 (always have, prolly always will)
    Adobe Photoshop 7
    MS Paint :P (sometimes just more convieniant than photohop, but hardley ever)
    DeComb.dll plugin for AVISynth
    DVD2AVI (to make project files for the AVISynth VOB plugin)
    PluginPAC frameserving plugin for Premiere
    DivX 5 encoder/decoder (Don't use much anymore)

    A quick sysnopsis of how I grab footage:

    ***NOTE!* this is the methods that I am CURRENTLY using to make videos. This is different than the methods that I used to create my my first 2 videos. My subsequent videos (i.e. post Perfect Trip) will be made using this method.

    The encoding process from start to finish looks a little like this:

    Original DVD
    Large contiguous VOB files on HD
    DVD2AVI (for nessesary project files for AVISynth)
    PluginPAC frameserving plugin for Premiere
    Final Product.

    That means that from a technical standpoint, I only subject the footage to a single lossy compression method. My futures videos should be pretty much DVD quality from start to end. So far it certainly looks like that, but I'll let other people be the judge of that once I get a few more AMVs out here.

    If anyone ever gets stuck, they can email me or PM me, and I will do the best I can to help them.

    It's easy to make an AMV, but it is REDICULOUSLY hard to make a GOOD AVM!!

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