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  • Member: DrngdKreationz
  • Studio: DrngD KreationZ
  • Title: Olin
  • Premiered: 2004-04-29
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    • A Perfect Circle Judith
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    well, after a year of throwing out rough drafts and suffering from creative block I finally have been able to start and finish and another video. I have to say though this has been the most challenging and also the weirdest video I've even come up with.
    In other words if your looking for an "OMG this story line is so obvious" video.... Its not here :)

    the original ideas of this vid were based on a strictly 2-D platform. as I kept making spin offs to the primary ideas/theme I somehow wound up working in after effects creating most of the video in an after effects 3-D environment and started animating what I wound up calling "Sets" to the video and worked on creating as real of a sense of depth as I could. and then i decided to start ripping the footage once I felt I had done enough "pre-production". so thats basically most of the technical stuff I don't want to get too into it.

    there are probably going to be times where you think I selected some of the footage at random.. I did that on purpose, in order to create a sense of mental chaos. I felt certain things needed to not fit or feel randomized and almost distracting to the primary thought process the video goes through.(I could get into a huge discussion about this, but I feel I've written too much already)

    Well thats pretty much it. hopefully I'll do well at JACON 2004.

    Feel free to leave any comments because I'm actually really curious to see what people thought about this one.

    Carlos Melendez
    The Madman Behind Dranged Kreationz

    NEWS: 2nd Annual Yasumicon AMV Contest won best of show

    More News: AUSA04 AMV contest Olin won Best of show, and Best Drama (General)

    Even More News: Otakucon/Kunicon Miami Olin won Best Technical

    Thank you to Everyone who's taken time to Download this video. and those who have left opinions on it I haven't had time to reply to all of you since the hurricane messes have kept me from signing on too often.

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