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    Tabel of Contents:

    -My Insperation
    -Websites or Orgnizations I Was/Am Working For
    -How You Can Reach Me
    -My Anime/Non-Anime DVD's List
    -My CD List
    -List of Animes I Have Seen/Completed
    -List of My Favorite Bands/Artist
    -List of My Favorite Songs
    -List of Software I Use for My AMV production
    -Computer Stuff
    -AMV Creators in my Area
    -My Favorite AMV Creators
    -Forums/Message Boards You Can Find Me In
    -Projects I'm Currently Owrking On

    I Go by Hexed in a few places and Drew in other places, now I'm going by Hexed Drew or just H.D. My real name, given to me from my parents, is Andrew Bruce, but I'm called Drew. I'm 15, still in High School, and I do plan on graduating. Next year I'm going out for the football team, I hope to be a Kick-Off/Punt Return or Wide-Recever. My friends say I would make a good Kick-Off/Punt Return because I'm fast, so I'm going to give it a try. Hopefully, I can make a living out of it, I hear it pays pretty good money, lol.
    -My Inspiration/What Got me Started Making Amv's

    Well, here's the story on what got me started making AMV's.......
    My dad had brought home a cd with Dragonball GT episodes on it and another cd with abunch of other DBZ related material, including, DBZ Music Videos. He got them from his friend name Don. His son had the CD first, but didn't need them, so he gave them to my dad. At first I watched all the Dragongball GT episodes before I got to the 2nd CD. When I was done with the Dragonball GT episodes, I moved on to the 2nd cd. I watched a DBZ music video, which at the time I had never heard of such a thing, but thought it was pretty cool. The video was DannyPoo's Vegeta's Pride, one of my old time favs. This was all over 2 years ago, and at the time we had a different version of windows than Windows XP, so it didn't come with WMM, but later we got windows XP, thanks to my grandpa. I saw WMM on the desktop, at thought I could use that to make my first music video, which I later did a few days later, I don't know why I waited a few days to start on it. Over time I acquired Adobe Premiere 6.0 and at first I couldn't use it that good, so I stuck with WMM, but only for one last project with it, but for a WMM video, it was REALLY good. I soon got use to Adobe and learned what makes a good AMV from watching many AMV's created by diferent creators. One video that had great influence over me was My Resolution by DannyPoo. It's one of only two videos that I've seen that reflect over my personal life, the other is "Let Me Save You" by VegettoEX and MeriC if you wanted to know, but my story is different than what most people have said about "My Resolution". It made me look at life in a whole new way. It showed me the people I care about could be out of my life at any time, now I charish my family and friends because they give the best thing life has to offer, love. So my biggest inspiration when it comes to making AMV's is DannyPoo, watching his videos got me started, and I've learned alot from his videos, well, mostly "My Resolution". It changed me and made me look at life in a whole different perspective. Thanks alot DannyPoo.
    -Websites or organization I was/am working for:

    1).Static-Anime - Status: Dead - Time working there: Not recorded - Position: AMV Creator -

    2).Murder Studio - Status: Alive - Time worked there: Around November to present day. - Position: AMV Creator -

    3).Anime-Inc. - Status: Temporary down - Time working there: Around Janurary to Present day - Position: AMV Creator -

    4).DBZ Multimedia - Status: Alive - Time working there: June 9, 2004 to present day - Position: AMV Creator -
    -How You Can Reach Me

    You can reach me over AIM and my e-mail, I don't use my MSN as much. but I'll still give my MSN SN
    AIM SN: neo reloaded89
    MSN SN:
    -My Anime DVD list

    Hong Kong bootleg DVD's
    1.Rurouni Kenshin DVD box set
    2.Vampire Hunter D
    3.Vampire Hnter D: Bloodlust
    4.Ninja Scroll - The Movie
    5.Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play DVD box set
    6.Naruto DVD collection - Episodes 1-76
    7.Trigun - The Complete set

    Official, Region 1, DVD's
    1.Akira - The Movie
    2.Hellsing - Vol 1 - 4.
    3.Grave of the Fireflies - Widescreen
    4.Samurai X: Trust
    5.Samurai X: Betryal
    6.Samurai X: Reflaection
    7.Neon Genesis Evangelion - Vol. 1-8
    8.Kimagure Orange Road - Vol. 1-12

    Special thanks to my brother Stevie, or know as Musclebobbuffpants, for buying probably more than 80% of the DVD's

    My cousin has ALL of the DBZ DVD's and he would probably let my brother and me use them.
    I have every Naruto episode downloaded on my computer or either burned on a cd really high quality.
    -My CD List

    1.Linkin Park - "Meteora"
    2.Sevendust - "Animosity"
    3.Sevendust - "Seasons"
    4.Metallica - "The Black Album,"
    5.Metallica - "St. Anger"
    6.Metallica - "Ride the Lightning"
    7.Metallica - "Garage, Inc."(Disk 1 and 2)
    8.Trapt - "Trapt"
    9.Three Days Grace - "Three Days Grace"
    10.Staind - "14 Shades of Grey"
    11.Ultraspank - "Progress"
    12.Blink 182 - "Enema of State"
    13.Finch - "What it is to Burn"
    14.Reveille - "Bleed the Sky"
    15.Full Devil Jacket - "Full Devil Jacket"
    16.Good Charlotte - "The Young an the Hopeless"
    17.Incubus - "Make Yourself"
    18.SR-71 - "Tommorow"
    19.Queen - "Greatset Hits I, II, and III"
    20.Simple Plan - "No Pads No Helmets...Just Balls"
    21.Evanescence - "Fallen"
    22.Limp Bizkit - "Results May Vary"
    23.Train - "My Private Nation"
    24.3 Doors Down - "Away From the Sun"
    25.Trust Company - "The Lonely Position of Neutral"
    26.Godsmack - "Awake"
    27.Machine Head - "The Burning Red"
    28.Finger Eleven - "Greyest of Blue Skies"
    29.Hoobstank - "The Reason"
    30.Avril Lavigne - "Under my Skin"
    31.Lost Profits - "Start Something"
    32.Yellowcard - "Ocean Avenue"
    33.Dashboard Confessional - "A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar"
    34.Something Corporate - "Leaving Through the Window"
    35.Staind - "Break the Cycle"
    36. Finger Eleven - "Finger Eleven"
    37. Story of the Year - "Page Avenue"
    38. Ashlee Simpson - "Autobiography"
    39. Simple Plan - "Still Not Getting Any"
    40. Hoobastank - "Hoobastank"
    41. Avril Lavigne - "Let Go"
    42. Limb Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water"
    43. Reveille - "Laced"
    44. Bruce Dickinson - "Accident of Birth"
    45. Hoobastank - (Unreleased Tracks)
    46. Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder
    My Mom has a HUGE collection of CD's. About half of it's metal, like "Metallica" and "Led Zeppelin", which is the stuff I like. Then shs has Prince and Anita Baker, the stuff I don't like. but it's well over 150 CD's
    List of Animes I Have Seen/Completed

    1.Dragonball Z - Movies 1 - 13/Episodes 1 - 291(roughly)
    2.Dragonball - Episodes 1 - 153
    3.Dragonball GT - Episodes 1 - 64
    4.Rurouni Kenshin - Episodes 1 - 95
    5.Samurai X
    6.Kimagure Orange Road - Episodes 1 - 48
    7.Naruto - Episodes 1 - 103(still growing)
    8.Fushigi Yuugi - Episodes 1 - 52
    9.Neon Genesis Evangelion - Episodes 1 - 26
    10.Trigun - Episodes 1 - 26
    11.Love Hina - Episodes 1 - 13
    12.Hellsing - Episodes 1 - 13
    13.Grave of the Fireflies(movie)
    15.Vampire Hunter D(movie)
    16.Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust(movie)
    17.Ninja Scroll - The movie
    18.Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien - Episodes 1 - 14
    List of My Favorite Bands/Artist

    3.Three Days Grace
    6.Good Charlotte
    7.Avril Lavigne and group
    10.Something Corporate
    List of My Favorite Songs(in order)

    1.Masterplan - "Spirit Never Dies"
    2.Machine Head - "The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears"
    3.Bruce Dickinson - "Man of Sorrows"
    4.Hoobastank - "Crawling In The Dark"(acoustic version)
    5.Something Corporate - "I Want to Save You"
    6.Dream Theater - "Home"
    7.The Dust Brothers - "This is Your Life"
    8.SR-71 - "In My Mind"
    9.Goo Goo Dolls - "Iris"
    10.SR-71 - "My World"
    -List of Software I Use for My AMV production

    1.Adobe Preimere Pro - For editing and creating my music videos and also adding what effects I can with that program
    2.Adobe Photoshop 7.0 - For creating pictures for opening and ending credits
    3.Adobe After Effects 6.0 - For adding special effects to my videos(thank you Adobe)
    4.TMPEGnc - For Converting my vids. to MPEG files
    5.CD-EX - For ripping songs off of CD's
    6.1Click DVD Ripper - For DVD Ripping
    7.Virtual DUB - For formatting videos to aiv.
    -Computer Stuff

    New/Fast computer:
    2.6 ghz intel pintium 4 processor
    704 mb of ram
    120 gb hard drive
    80 gb hard drive
    160 GB USB hard drive
    200 GB USB hard drive
    Total:560 GB

    Old/Slow computer
    300 mhz intel celeron processor
    128 mb of ram
    60 gb hard drive

    ^This is the specs when I was making music videos a long time ago, ones such as "Goku - Headstrong" and "Sasuke Overtaken". We were able to get a kick ass deal on the new computer, whcih is way better.
    -AMV Creators in my Area

    Well, as of now, the only AMV creator other than me in my area is my brother, Stevie Bruce, who is the founder of Murder Studio, the studio I work for.We all know him as Musclebobbuffpants.
    -My Favorite AMV Creators

    1).DannyPoo - Made "My Resolution", a video that will stay with me forever. He also made "Vegeta's Pride" the first AMV I ever saw. I absolutely love the video "My Resolution" , which has touched alot people and has helped them through the loss of a love one, and in my opinion, that makes it much more than an AMV. He said in his profile, "I do my music videos not so much based on talent (i dont have much) but on heart and the time I put into them." Well, he sure put his heart into "My Resolution." He made it in memory of his dead step father, which is very touching. Just knowing this much about him, gives me respect for him, and makes me think of him as a great person. He's always doing things for church, if I'm not mistaken. On his website, he's posted something saying he was making a video for church. This shows he's a really holy man, and his mind is set in the right direction. So I admire him for not so much as his AMV skills, but what kind of person he is and he put that with his AMV's and created the video, "My Resolution."
    2).Paolo "Bardock" Gatelli - He Made "Bardock's Last Hours", and amazing video and SO original. He also made "A Man Inside" which was also original. He makes his videos so original, if you watched one of his videos and didn't know he made it before you watched it, you would know while you're watching it.
    3).Michael "VegettoEX" LaBrie - An old school AMV creator who is known all through out the AMV sceen. He's made so many great AMV's that have won many awards, such as, my favorites, "Alone in the World" and "Let Me Save You".
    4).Merdith "MeriC" Cantoni - Well, pretty much the same reason as VegettoEX. She helped VegettoEX make "Alone in the World", "Let Me Save You", and many others. Also, "Deceptive Passions" was a great AMV that I love to watch, and let's not forget, probably her greatest work ever by herself, "Again".
    5).Brian "Akimbo" Palacios - Ok, this guy has made a few great videos that I really like alot. He made "Fathers and Sons" and video which had a very original concept. I came up with that idea around the same time he came out with it, so I was like damnit, but I know I would have done a crappy job back then. "A Love (Hina) Story" is another favorite of mine by him. I'm getting into Love Hina, and I find this video very entertaining, and the title of it is well though out too. He also, was one of the creators who did "Road to Iron Chef" which is the most original video concept I've scene in any video. Other than his video, just knowing a little bit about his personality is another reason why I like him. In "Road to Iron Chef" you get to see his since of humor side. Also, on his "Fathers and Sons" video, someone left him an opinion on it and gave him low numbers and acused him of getting his friends to give him high rattings. I know I would have gone off, and got mad at him, but Akimbo was just like, OMG, you figured me out, now I'll never be popular with the kids again. It shows how he handdles those kinda situations.

    Here's a list of AMV creators who I have either enjoyed some of their videos, talking to them, working with them, etc.
    Stevie "Musclebobbuffpants" Bruce
    Matt "ssj2gohan" Leach
    Kim "Trunkism"
    Jeff "Breeman" Nixon
    Giuseppe "SSJVegeta17" Dalicante
    Stefan "Majin Steve87" Köpke
    Jude "Superfusion" Mompoint
    Anthony "Atonyk15" Krug
    Edwin "TeclmmlEd" Mangassarian
    -Forums/Message Boards You Can Find Me In

    In order from ones I'm most active to least active in.....
    1).DBZSC Forums Position: Member
    2).DBZ Multimedia Forums Position: Global Moderator
    3).The Asylum Position: Member
    4).DBZ Warriors Message Board Position: Member
    -Projects I'm Currently Working On
    Title: Hard to Shine
    Anime: Naruto
    Song: Shine
    Artist: Sevendust.
    Creators: My brother, Musclebobbuffpants, and Myself.
    So Far Done: Estimated around 40% done.
    2004 Murder Studio Copyright-------------------------------------

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