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  • Member: breeman
  • Studio: Breeman AMV
  • Title: Soujiro's Lost Soul
  • Premiered: 2003-11-16
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    • Blind Guardian Punishment Divine
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  • Comments: One day, I was listening to the new Blind Guardian album, and I was thinking about Rurouni Kenshin. I was planning to do another Rurouni Kenshin video, since I had just done two Naruto videos. Anyways, the song “Punishment Divine” had just come on, and I was thinking about Soujiro, since I had recently seen his episodes recently in Rurouni Kenshin. When the song was about halfway done, I heard the line “The strong will survive, the weak must die!”

    I then knew, this was the perfect song for Soujiro.

    I listened to the rest of the song again, and looked at all the lyrics. Sure enough, everything fit Soujiro perfectly! I decided to name this video, Soujiro’s Lost Soul, because I wanted to make an original title for once (not using the name of the song).

    Soujiro is a boy who lives with a family who owned a rice bussiness. That family hated Soujiro because he was the son of a whore. But they had to take care of him because they were his only relatives. The family made Soujiro carry their rice into the shed. When Soujiro didn’t do what they told him to, they beat him. When Soujiro got mad, or cried, they beat him more.

    Soujiro then decided to smile, and take all their abuse, therefore shutting off his emotions.

    Soujiro heard a scream one day, and decided to investigate it. An assassin manslayer from the revolution named Makoto Shishio, “Kenshin’s Successor”, was killing some police officers. Shishio noticed Soujiro, and was about to kill him, when he noticed that Soujiro was smiling, and didn’t care if he died. Shishio, noticing that Soujiro did not have emotion, decided to turn him into a heartless killer. He gave Soujiro a wakizashi to kill the Rice Company family.

    After that, Soujiro’s soul was bound to Shishio. Untill… Soujiro met Kenshin Himura. All his life, Soujiro believed in only one thing, “If you are strong you live, if you are weak you die.” Kenshin’s philosophy is the exact opposite. To protect the weak so that they can live in peace.

    This idea of Kenshin’s frustrates Soujiro. After fighting for a while with Kenshin, Soujiro reflects on his past, and realizes that he didn’t really want to do the things Shishio told him to do, and that his Soul was lost.

    After that realization, and a dramatic defeat by Kenshin’s “Ama Kakeru Ryu no Hirameki” Soujiro decided to leave Shishio, and wander away to find his soul.

    Now for the lines in the song, that fit with Soujiro.

    “It's warm and tender but very soon it will turn cold”
    Soujiro is warm and tender, a nice boy. But very soon, he will turn cold and ruthless.

    “It never rains -- it pours on me”
    Soujiro feels like there is a little rain cloud following him around. It pours on him, but never rains anywhere else.

    “The obvious point is I'm insane”
    The obvious point is… Soujiro is insane.

    “Was I aware whom I has slain”
    Soujiro was not aware of the people he had slain.

    “Witness my last breath, I do not regret a word I've said, The strong will survive,The weak must die”
    Well, it’s obvious what this line fits with.

    “Nature's law instead of God in heaven”
    Soujiro follows nature’s law, not God in heaven.

    “Well we all know there's no other side, It's good and evil, I know right between, there's no borderline, This is the punishment divine”
    Soujiro knows theres no other side, only good and evil, and that there is no borderline… that is punishment divine.

    Basically all the lyrics in this song fit Soujiro perfectly, but I decided to highlight these because they were important, and it’s sorta hard to hear them in the song.

    This video took me, about a month to make, and It came out better than I expected. The song fit my idea perfectly and nothing went wrong. All the effects I used, worked well, and I am amazed I was able to pull this video off so well.

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