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  • Member: DannyPoo
  • Title: My Resolution
  • Premiered: 2001-01-08
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    • Lonestar Im already there
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  • Comments: This video is a video very close to my heart. It it the story of Goku's death and his sacrifice for his family etc. I made this video shortly after my stepfather died and dedicated it to him. Granted this is NOT your typical DBZ video...if your looking for something different...this is definately for you. I also realize that since this is a new type of video it has less of a chance for download so i would like to give you a couple of quotes from a few of the hundreds of e-mails i've recieved about this video as incentive.

    "The DBZ music video (my resolution) was the most beautiful video I ever heard.....I hope you continue maken video's like that one but that video really touches the heart of someone who's lost a love one...." -

    "I am deeply moved... I lost my stepfather in the terrorist attack on the world trade center and still I find the strength to live on in his memory. Who would have thought that a song I would never allow myself to listen to in public would lighten such a heavy burden? Your
    mv has given me a sense of peace about my situation and I salute you for making it. I won't waste any more of your time, but I just wanted to say, "Thank you" " -

    "I must say the video "my Resolution" was VERY DEEP. Knowing and loving the Dragonball stories like I do, I could appreciate every memory of Goku and Gohan.... shown throughout the Video. The voice clips added some strong sense of feeling and mood to it as well. I even felt my heart drop at some points. If i was a cryer i would have. That video showed the epitome of everything Goku is about, being a fighter and a father. " -

    "I am writing this letter with tears in my eyes. I just finished watching your amazing video "My resolution" it holds special significance to me, as it does to you, I have recently lost both my Grandfathers and my elderly next door neighbor, they were all very important pieces in my life. Until now I had never cried for them I felt the hurt inside but couldn't let it out, thank you."

    "I am saddened that such work is inspired by tragedy, but hell man, that video is superb. The editing and fading are simply awesome. You have a real talent for this, and I hope to see some more great stuff in the future from you. Take care" -

    Thats the last of the quotes I'll add, i didnt add them to give myself glory but I have heard how hard it can sometimes be to get someone to download a video from here so I was hoping some quotes would help. Also if you struggle downloading the video go to my site and there are a couple of mirror sites for this specific video in my music video section.


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