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  • Profile: I am a student studying for a degree in software engineering. AMV creation is something which I have been doing now for only a short time but have been interested in for a while. I am quite an easy going person and will review any vid thrown my way.

    All the videos I make have some form of a theme and they also all have a story to them - I dont see the point if they dont. I dont tend to use many effects for a number of reasons, normally because I dont like them, i feel that a good amv needs few effects used well. On the odd occasion it is because I dont know how to use them but still, i take a bash at it and learn from it. I always reply to any ops I get since I feel that it is important to awknowledge other peoples views, even if they are different from my own - they are still valid ops and wil help improve overall amv creation.

    The main types of anime/amv i like are action however, i cant stand guns and the like, i preffer sword fighting and like my animes/amvs to also contain something which is either supernatural/spiritually themed or have something about them that is different. Im always on the look out for amvs that feature animes that i havnt seen and therfore amvs with these in. I also like to see amvs that have something different in them to the normal. One of my main dislikes in amvs are ones which seem completely random, have no theme, or feture such artists as Linkin park. I therefore tend not to bother downloading this nature of vid. Of course there are exceptions, but these are very few and far between.

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Tsubasa Chronicle
Haré+Guu (TV)
Chrono Crusade (TV)
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
Yakitate!! Japan (TV)
Interstella 5555 (Daft Punk & Leji Matsumoto)
DragonBall Z
Wolf's Rain
Wolf's Rain (OAV)

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    • Andrew Lloyd Webber Phantom Of The Opera
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  • Mutant Furika (2003-07-31)
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