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  • Member: Andany
  • Title: Say Sit (Osuwari)
  • Premiered: 2003-04-25
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    • Morning Musume Say Yeah! Motto Miracle Night
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  • Comments: My second AMV ever. Its a gift for my Friend Tron Bonne aka Misty. She asked me to do a AMV with the song "Say Yeah! Motto Miracle Night" by Morning Musume and this is how i turned out. At the end it might look like i just threw some clips together , what i actually did, but it looks just kinda weird because Tron keept telling me to add more Sesshoumaru ^^" Aslo its my fisrt try on Lip sync on a Music video, didnt turn out very well but i like it anyway.

    EDIT!!!! For everyone, This week i got like 10 e-mails asking me to tell them if tehre is a page that got the song of this AMV to download. Sadly i must say i got the whole file from my friend Tron-san. BUT! I managed to upload the song at a new angelfire sever. I hope its not always down, BUT i hope that you enjoy. I have no idea what im saying so anyway, here it is:
    Morning Musume with Say Yeah! Motto Miracle night ENJOY

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