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  • Member: JCD
  • Studio: Anivision
  • Title: Overdrive
  • Premiered: 2003-09-06
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    • m.o.v.e Over Drive
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    Umm, well. I don't have so much to say about this video.
    I edited it in approximately 100 hours. I planned it a long time ago for being the second video I made for a contest. Editors might know that an idea works especially well when a video is planned for a long time. I was into the anime Initial D a long time ago and really enjoyed the Soundtrack of it, I also searched for songs of the band Move who made almost all of the pretty cool openings. Then I found Over Drive and after a few times listening I knew that this would be my concept for a video I'll submit to Connichi.
    OK, I'm still not 100% statisfied with what I have created here, but it makes my body movin' :) That's right, it's a very fast upbeat video with lots of action.
    Vandread wasn't used so much and it was quite often used for drama videos which I can't understand. Vandread is fun! Also the japanese band Move wasn't used and is known too less in the world. They're awesome in their direction. The only major problems I had again were with the usage of lipsynch, some will like it, some will not. I don't really, but you know, it's nice when you insert a scene and seeing the lips almost fitting perfectly =) This video will premiered at Connichi 2003 here in Germany, AWA is just a try for me.

    Technically you'll notice that this is in 29.97 fps. "WTF, why not 24?"
    because you have 6 frames more to synch :) Ok, normally you wouldn't have progressive frames then, but I had. I IVTCed the footage and speeded the 23.976 fps up to 29.97 instead of 24. The video is very fast so this even helped. I won't post my script here this time, nothing new I experienced with filtering.
    This encoded file instead uses B-Frames. If you've read the guides, they say it isn't a good thing because this frames look ugly. Yeah, they do, but your file gets 50 % smaller and you only notice those frames when you look really sharp.

    Unfortunately that means I had to use DivX 5 code, that means you'll need DivX 5 to playback, DivX 4 will not work like in other of my encodes. The resolution is 640x352.

    A Direct link is greatfully provided by a friend I met at Connichi! His name here is The Motrix, check out his video!

    The response I got for this video at Connichi was AWESOME! OK, 150 people enjoyed it during the Contest, I found that already damn cool, but then it was shown during the ending ceremony as winner of the contest in front of ~1000 people! Everyone congratulated me, I heard lot's of things like "What a Video!" and "Awesome! The best I've ever seen!" (well, here aren't so many great videos like in the US of A). I'm so glad that this happened since making someone feel like this is the goal I always have with making an AMV!

    It seems that it has found a great response at AWA as well (I wasn't there...)

    Programs used: Adobe Premiere 6.0 (for all of the editing without any exceptions)

    Nothing more to say, hope you enjoy it like I and all the people from Connichi do.

    *** Update 2004-11-09: Remastered version online
    While I was uploading my videos to the Donut, I thought I could do a new encode for this since filter techniques have improved. The video looks alot sharper now, and the most noticeable difference are the improved colors, they're much more like they should be now :D

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