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  • Profile: This is my older account; the one I'm best known for since I've used it for almost a year in the forums. If you're wondering what the hell happened to me, I finally got some initiative and changed over to my Real account. Oh yeah, and don't send email to this email address, its only temporary and I almost never check it. Phade, if you see this, feel free to delete this account.

    My name is Kip Earlywine (K ip EARLYWIne/ get it?) and I am a communications: recording arts student at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. A recording arts major is like a poor mans film school. I essentially take the same classes with a higher emphasis on live productions. In other words, my successful peers will go on to work for the State news, or television to some degee. I am way more ambitious than I should be and I have been plotting my way into Hollywood over the last year. At the very least I'd like to learn Japanese and go work for Viz or something ;).

    Anyway, I don't really play video games or play Magic anymore, I don't really have time. AMV creating, Anime, and this DAMN website are eating up all of my freetime. I'm in the forums (general anime often) and I think I leave the longest posts of anyone on the entire site (me and my alter ego Kearlywi). Oh yeah, and in case your drawing a blank on Kip (Its a damn rare name), its a male name and I'm a guy. Don't let my sometimes sensitive demeanor or occasionally female avatars trick you.

    I plan to upload several AMV's on to the org over the next 2 years, I'm planning on making 3 or 4 this year. I take my work very seriously. My next goal (in my long line of ambitious goals) is to make a top ten % video. I dont believe this to be much of a challenge, as even my first video (on Kearlywi) "hit" the top ten (but was rightfully flamed afterwards).

    Current Status:
    2/12/04- Fixing up my profile and working on a two part EVA vid. I will likely premiere them here and then later enter them at NDK in Denver.

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Vision of Escaflowne, The
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