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  • Member: gambitt
  • Studio: Nightowl Pictures
  • Title: DDR2: Brilliant2U - Gainax
  • Premiered: 2002-09-29
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    • Naoki Brilliant2U
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  • Comments: *NOTE: Downloading from NightOwl Pictures' server will probably be faster than the one supplied from my own server (*

    Thanks for checking out the info on my DDR2 video. Brilliant2U was handed down to me from Nathan Bezner (Nightowl) in May with a deadline of Otakon to face. I didn't make it. Instead I put probably the most intensive two months of any summer bashing out what would be a complete editor's nightmare. There are so many cuts in this video it easily kills all of my video projects thus far.

    The original concept behind this was to use all bunny girl footage (also it was the concept Nate wanted to use) and that meant most of the video would have been done to Daicon IV from Gainax. It wasn't going to work out. Instead I decided to work upon my greatest influence, the women of Gainax, and give them the most warped backwards feminist tribute I possibly could. I had a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

    The source for the video was found in scattered places and formats. Daicon IV could only be found in low-grade divx or mpeg, Eva, Kare Kano and FLCL were all taken from DVD source, and Mahoromatic and Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai (raw!!) was found in some fansubber's dark alleyway of his hard drive (thank you whoever you are). I also made some of my own work become visible with the "gear" at the beginning, and the dance breaks, all animated in After Effects.

    I've been blessed to have been given such a wonderful track to work with and I am in love with the results of the entire project, I hope you all will enjoy the video after you download it and please be generous and leave feedback. Thanks.

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