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  • Member: dwchang
  • Studio: Ninja Gaijin
  • Title: Evolution
  • Premiered: 2003-05-17
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    • Ayumi Hamasaki Evolution
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  • Comments: First off, yes I know this is a pointless action video, but...that's what I wanted it to be :). It's just an action video with some of the cooler fights from Rurouni Kenshin. I wasn't going for any "message" or anything like that :). I've never done action so...why not?

    Second off, yeah the song is in Japanese and that was also on purpose. I have a tendency to use lyric-sync in my videos and I forced myself not to do so with this video by picking a song in a foreign language. It did help me to use the music more, but at the same was HARD :).

    Lastly, you'll also notice that this video has quite a bit more effects than my past videos. I am not one to bash effects, but my other video ideas did not "need" effects, but this song seemed to fit well with the use of some. I also wanted to learn them and hence why I picked this song.
    Comments on particular scenes:
    Beginning scenes with "piano" key effects:
    -I know this isn't the most original of effects since I've seen it in a number of videos (namely Wonka's Appetite for Dynamite made excellent use of them). At the same time, I decided to change it a bit, by manipulating color instead of a different scene. I should give a big "THANK YOU" to Fluxmeister for teaching me how to do this. I'll also be honest in that I had absolutely nothing for this part of the song. It's SO slow and yet I am going for fast-paced action (energy). This seemed to be an easy way to tide the viewer over during the slow part.

    Another little tidbit a lot of people don't know is that the keys are accurate to true piano keys. For those musically-inclined, if you take the first note in the song as the C above middle-C, the remainder of the notes are accurate in tone and location on the screen. I am such a nerd that I went to a piano and that's how I mapped the notes. Again, most people won't figure that out and don't realize how much of a dork I am to put that extra work in (oh and most people won't read this, so most will never know...ohw ell).

    Profile of the four main characters with three images:
    -It just seemed to match the general flow of the music. Also these are the four main 'heros.' Note: I was trying to go for senseless action and yet I still tried to have some consistency...sad ain't it? :)

    Profile of the main villains:
    -Same reason as above. Introducing the villains they will be "fighting."

    First drumroll:
    -Never strobed before, but decided to try it out :). I apologize to your eyes.

    First fight scenes to flashes of white:
    -Again experimentation with effects. Before Ayumi begins singing, there are 8 distinct "flows" in the song that repeat. I decided to give two to each of the four 'heros' and show them making a strike and flashing to white. Another reason why I introduced the four heros at the beginning. Argh consistency in what was supposed to be random! :)

    First verse:
    -I'll be honest, I just went with scenes that fit the music...I don't know what she is saying :). I picked scenes that would "prepare" the viewer for the upcoming fights.

    Transition Shishio's face to fighting:
    -I originally had a "twirl" and a lens flare, but dokidoki, Fluxmeister and a number of people thought it was cheezy. Went with a fairly typical blur.

    First Fight Sequence:
    -Just went with the flow of the music once again. Went with Jinei and Saitoh as the main antagonists here.

    Repeat the above since the music is the same. I use the strobing drumroll again, 8 distinct strikes with flashes to white and again slower scenes to set-up the upcoming fights (with the verses). Notice how little I have to write about most of this (which is uncommon...refer to Glory of Love description)?

    Second Fight Sequence:
    -Went with Aoshi and Anji on these ones. In particular, I like the "wow yeah" to Kenshin's final technique on Aoshi.

    Slow parts after fight sequence:
    -Originally had black space and flashes to Kenshin as Battousai, but Fluxy HATED the black space (although Doki liked it). I decided to put a 'thoughtful' scene of Kenshin and kind of imply that he was being "flashed" back into his Battousai days. Again...I don't know why I try to put substance into a senseless video :).

    Cho portion:
    -I have no reason why I chose him. Actually I had one pseudo vision..I thought the very end would strobe excellently with the scene of him being hit and his face screaming.

    Soujirou Section:
    -Again I *try* and put consistency in my videos and substance. What I was trying to show was Kenshin very fast and then scenes of Soujirou doing the same sort of thing to the echo. Sort of a duality thing (since they are very similar characters). It should also be noted that Soujirou is my favorite anime character of all time :).

    Soujirou finale:
    -As I said above, Soujirou is my favorite character and hence why I put this scene :).

    Shishio section:
    -Fairly self-explanatory. This is the last section of the song and it is only fitting to end it with the fight with Shishio. The strikes and beat-matching is fairly obvious and I don't need to go into it much.
    Gripes and Final Thoughts:
    Something that *must* be said is that...I'm not entirely happy with this video. As you can see above, it was purely done as a challenge, to learn action editing and effects. I had never done an action video before and never done that many effects. So, therefore I decided to try and tackle it for the sole intention of learning it and maturing as an editor. Big Mistake!

    All my previous videos have had a 'vision' in my head and the motivation to see if I could recreate that vision. This had no such thing. I just wanted to try this out and therefore picked a song that sounded good and an anime I liked. I'm sure some people can do that, but not me. I need that vision and motivation. Hell, I generally script that vision on paper. Not this time...just figured out scenes as I went along (again, no vision).

    Therefore, this video started with the wrong "foundation" and I think it shows. To be honest, I find it to be the opposite of Glory of Love since that video had a clear vision from the start, had a lot less effects and is a romance.

    Don't get me wrong though, I don't *hate* the video. It's got enjoyable moments and overall isn't horrible since the editing and timing are alright. I just don't like it as much as others and don't see it as a complete success. Then again, I did learn some neat effects and how to do an action video (which were the main purpose), so maybe I did accomplish what I wanted. So in your reviews, no need to tell me it has no concept or vision...I already know :).

    Surprisingly at ACen (shown during Iron Chef...not in contest) and with some of peers, regardless of how I feel about the video, people seem to like the video *a lot.* I don't know why, but well...I'm not complaining. I guess you're always your harshest critic.

    Thanks for reading this lengthy piece of crap and I hope you enjoy it!
    Hours Spent: 100+ (stopped counting) - For the opposite reason as Glory of Love. I didn't have a vision and hence had to figure out scenes as I went along. Also, I didn't know the effects.
    Sanity: A further memory

    Equipment and Software used:
    -My Dual 2.0 Ghz Athlon Computer
    -Adobe Premiere 6.0

    Thanks to:
    -Fluxmeister - specifically for help in creation of "piano keys."

    Awards/Recognition:'s 2004 Viewer's Choice Awards
    -Nominated for Best Action Video (glad it didn't win since it didn't deserve it :P).

    AnimeNEXT 2003
    -Best Action

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