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    Finding passion in arts might be a complicated thing. You might be wondering if composing music, drawing manga or something else would give you the purpose to live. Well, I've tried doing some of them and found some passion that was desirable to work with, only to find that it didn't last long. I've made a few manga drawings but ended up having too much of performance anxiety. Couldn't just ignore the deformation in my characters! Making music videos was the next hobby I came across and while I currently am not working on them any longer, it was a time period well worth.

    Dawn of my new passion:
    Before I started that hobby, I enjoyed watching any music videos I passed by. It took some years until I made my own vision of making music videos, and then the vision finally came true, in August 06. "The History Will Sail On" was made with footages from Dynasty Warriors 5. It took around 6 hours to make, and it got good reception by the general viewers. It showed that I had potential in it, because I grasped the important parts of the video making techniques. The most important was the scene variations, that shouldn't be stretched longer than 5-15 seconds to make it fit with the music. However, my first music video wasn't made with originality, because I watched a "Sail On" music video that was made by someone else.

    But one week later, I made had my own ideas and picked songs that no one else ever picked, and I made the next two music videos, which were the only ones that contained real anime footage. "Miracles in the Network", with the Megaman NT Warrior series, didn't get much attention. I've figured out possible reasons:
    1. Not many of the people don't know about the musical duo Allen/Lande. Then again, there are millions of rock artists in the universe, so I can't blame it. But still... They gained such great critics...!!!
    2. Many people would pass by this video in Youtube... if it wasn't for those strict copyright holders that dislikes AMV's. We music video makers must get ourselves organized and fight!! The companies behind anime favors our work!!

    At least "The Unbreakable Hope" got a little more attention and freedom, slowly but surely. This is the only music video I made so far to have a power ballad song, though by today it's my least proud work IMO. While I worked on this video, I thought that spending hours on a sad song is depressing. Realizing this just made me find humorous, though! You have to look at yourself when you're doing such projects!

    Adobe Premiere Pro, a big stepping stone:
    In the autumn season, when I was doing school works (although I am sometimes lazy with that), I took a pause from making music videos for a month. When that time passed, I got back to AMV making again and got a hold of Adobe Premiere Pro. That was also the time when my solo studio got it's name: Creative Intelligence Studios, cut down to CI Studios with an original logo. Another big difference: No more frustrating hours with Windows Movie Maker! The making of my fourth music video "Phenomenal Warriors", was a more interesting project to work with and changed my way. With Adobe Premiere, I've spent 5 times as much hours and was thorough with the detailed editing, focused on the timings. I released it in early December, but withdrew it to do a better remake. The final version was released one day before 2007.
    So what's the result of it? I must say that "Phenomenal Warriors" was the first and only one that got and remained over 4.00 in star ratings in the org site for a long time. It also got nominated in "Koei Warriors Fan Music Video Awards 06/07" and got narrowly to the 1st place, which won me some good prizes. I never thought my video had great potentials, but maybe that's because I left it behind me too early...

    In January '07, I started another music video project, inspired by Istiv's famous "Shounen Bushidou", with the same music that presented the metal music world to me. While I saw other music videos inspired by the latter, I aimed to try and outmatch them with my "Dynasty Chronicles - In Peace and War". The CG lip-syncing in this video took a major part of the video. But I have to admit, they didn't fill the entire chorus and some were a bit out of place. Nevertheless, I learned how to use the key-frames in Adobe Premiere, and I was still proud of my biggest work I've ever made so far. At least it's star rating in Youtube barely got any lesser than full 5's, so it was entitled to be the favourite of the general viewers and Dynasty Warriors fans.

    Over to Adobe Premiere Elements:
    In April 10th, as I recall exactly, I created the 6th project which came with the final title "Born Leader". Ain't I a big fan of Masterplan? :p
    The music "Soulburn" wasn't my primary choice, but I finally picked it because of the inspiration from Hebi_PL's "Alchemist Soulburn". I used further visual effects in Adobe Premiere, some of them inspired from Koopiskeva's outstanding "Euphoria".

    In the middle of this summer, I have heard of a new musical artist which Russell Allen has joined in for a couple of projects. Those projects were named under Ayreon and Star One, both formed under a multi-instrumentalist called Arjen Anthony Lucassen. It took a long while to get used to the metal opera which he composed in several of his Ayreon albums, until I eventually became a big fan of him. I've been searching the media and found one of his official music videos with the song "Day Eleven: Love".
    Another reason for starting a new music video project with that song was that I watched AMV's made by our fellows at the ORG site which used other Ayreon songs from the same album that included "Day Eleven: Love". Phantasmagoriat's "The Human Equation" used a good deal of lip-sync as well as enforcing the story of "Day Eight: School" with Naruto's footage. Another music video that gave a much stronger inspiration was that our member Sabin17 struck me with awe through his music video "Cloud's Isolation". His video was focused on the lip-sync and was also filled with emotions to go along with the song "Day Two: Isolation".
    When I created a new project with inspiration to make a music video with Ayreon's song "Day Eleven: Love", as I mentioned, I wanted to try out Fear's part and test my lip-sync editing skills. That little experiment went successful, so I was convinced to complete the project and release it under the title "Dragon Love", November 17th.

    I am still pleased to learn something from my own mistakes, but I am also eager to know the secrets to success. I have viewed "Phenomenal Warriors" several times, but I think I couldn't learn something more from it; I know that video too much. I've also made my own thread to find the answers, but they weren't exactly what I desired. The most of the answers was that most people rates randomly without thinking much about the video... But one answer I could rely more on is that I should make my videos until I really like every part of it. Maybe I was critical on my videos, but maybe not enough to make them get on top? Well, I hope this changes things, and I can spend more than a few months to perfect my videos...

    As of today, I'm aware that I have left the music video making behind after some internal projects following the "DW: Bad Company" parody trailer. I took up on composing music instead and could see myself doing something that I interact with every day. The link to my music project "Troposphere" can be found in the link above.
    But admittedly, I keep getting new ideas for what a song would fit for a music video and maybe one day I'll come back to release a come-back one or a swan song.

    It seems even fascinating how the music videos could change our views on the songs and soundtracks after watching a video that was made by either us or someone else. Don't you feel like there is something about one song that reminds you of something you can not forget? I do, in some cases. I can believe there is something from my music videos that make the songs something special... it leaves some kind of nostalgia when I listen to it again in the future. Then, I remember. I could tell that from the songs that I used, most notably in "Miracles In The Network", "Born Leader" and "The Unbreakable Hope".
    If there were songs I could use in the videos that makes them really special, I would undoubtedly be proud of it. Maybe that's why I haven't given up on this hobby. Perhaps making music videos can be a true part of my passion? Have you made it work? Are you still feeling proud? I really hope you will, because videos can be made for the music, to raise it towards a new level; a level where music finally can touch your heart and soul.

    If you got any questions, you're welcome to contact me! If you've got any requests, hint me a good song and I might consider about fulfilling it!

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