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  • Member: Kustin
  • Title: The Unbreakable Hope
  • Premiered: 2006-09-04
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  • Song:
    • Russel Allen /Jorn Lande Reach a little longer
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Inspiration: I started a project with the Naruto series which would end up as my first and single emotional music video. My final idea for this MV wouldn’t be evolved until I was in the middle of the editing, that’s when I knew enough about the song called “Reach A Little Longer”, performed by the Allen-Lande project.

    About the video: This MV doesn’t relate directly to the Naruto plot, unlike the other music videos you might have watched. It has a message that reflects upon the difficulties every person has to face in their life and in order to live through it, they need a self-motivation, some kind of hope. The song’s lyrics contribute to this message while the various scenes of Naruto help as a decent, visual example. So once again, this video is not really focusing on the series’ plot, it’s just there to help highlighting the meaning of the message. If you yourself have your difficulties in your life, until the end have faith… and reach a little longer.

    Editing: Yet again, I followed the same pattern using Movie Maker and VDubMod and this time fully worked on cropping out most of the fan sub-titles. I didn’t have raw episodes of Naruto since I didn’t have an external hard drive by that time and neither did I have a wish for those episodes. Anyhow, when I made the credits, I chose to pick some scenes of humorous moments with the character Jiraya… But in the end, I stuck to simply text credits and scrapped the old idea, since I felt they kind of ruined the seriousness of the entire MV.

    Enjoy the show!

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