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  • Member: Kustin
  • Title: The Curse Within
  • Premiered: 2007-10-27
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    • Beautiful Sin Pechvogel (Unlucky Fellow)
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  • Comments: Intro: All right, upon this release I'll tell you that I've finished this video exactly one year earlier. This video has been made for a contest held within Epical Studios, the Hollows Eve Theme. The reason why I didn't upload it to Youtube by that time was that it was still an incomplete project and I had plans to finish it. Sadly, I encountered technical errors due to corrupted scenes and videos and had to start over again. Eventually, I lost my motivation and dropped it to pick it up later when time comes.

    Story: This video has an alternate story, based upon my idea, from FFVII: AC. This video begins with overviews of random places. Cloud wakes up, with vague memories of what happened earlier. Reno and Rude has found him in the wasteland and brought him back to his home, warning him of strange phenomenas happening around him. As the memories becomes clear, Cloud leaves the house and takes his bike.
    He remembers he has been ambushed by Kadaj and his companions and tried to escape. However, phantom illusions interferes with his escape and he gets injured. As the assaulters pulled back, the illusions appear again and attack Cloud's mind until he passes away.
    Now, Cloud has arrived to face Kadaj again in order to bring things back to order again. During the fight, Cloud sees a familiar arch-nemesis inside Kadaj, none other than Sephiroth. Realizing what Cloud has exposed, Sephiroth takes his form by Kadaj and takes control of the battlefield. Their fateful battle begins...

    In my words, this video is more of a teaser to the full story that I've yet to work on. Throughout the second half of the video, is just the result of my improvisations. If you would like me to finish the story by making a complete version of the video, just send me a comment to help my motivations.

    It's heavy, it's tense, it'll leave you catching for breath (in case you're that open-minded). I hope you enjoy watching this!

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