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  • Profile: Hello anime fans ^.^V
    Thanks for visiting my profile page.....hmm let's see....
    Im from london and a student...just finished my 1st year at university (would rather not go into details about my course) but would like to mention that i did a japanese module & got an average of 82% in it (sugoi ne), i have many hobbies that doesnt not involve anime/manga like art (not manga...usually draw still life sketches), music (i can play many instruments but mainly the pianio & guitar & have performed many times on stage at concerts or bars...i can also play lots of anime & final fantasy themes ('',) , i participate in lots of sports, i use to be a champion athelete (8 gold medals in me if want to know the more details), the only sports i participate in now is football, snooker, tennis (only when sunny) consoles (well not much of a sport but it still takes lots of skills)...& speaking of video a big fan of the final fantasy & street fighter games..i even entered a tournament where i played the country's best players..i came top5 & was really proud of my performance....i love my computer to bits & am always on it (no im not a computer geek with big glasses..lots of spots & no life...didnt you pay attention to what ive been writing?) i enjoy chilling with my friends & socialise around clubs & bars....i have a weopon collection (of mainly blades & swords)...i use to be a martial artist so i can handle them pretty well....
    I cant remember when i watched my first anime series or read my first was a long time ago & ive grown over the years into a full fledged otaku...
    anime & manga has affected & has been an influence in my life in a big way....& im happy to see that the market is growing at a rapid rate to get more people from around the world involved...
    my manga & dvd collection has exceded over the 1000 value (bout $1886) and i want to make it even bigger...
    anyway...since im only able to list my top anime series on this also gonna list some of my favourite manga series right here (not all.... otherwise it would be a very long list)...
    not in any specific order:

    Love Hina
    Dragon Knights
    Chronicals of the cursed sword
    Those who hunt elves
    City Hunter
    King Of Hell
    Real Bout High School
    Comic Party

    This is a great site & i would like to contribute to it by creating & uploading my own videos...the anime market is really really slow around here ...especially compared to the US (lucky offence) so i usually get the dvds imported through discounted sites...i started making AMVs around a year ago (summer of 2003) and i didnt even use a a movie making programme (just tmpgenc) so i started the hard way & you can see that my 1st couple of videos arent very good in terms of skill (but still enjoyable to watch though)....'re a star if you've bothered to read my brief profile & i hope that you'll like at least 1 of my videos & be generous to leave an opinion. ('',)

    email me if you'd like to get to know me better or if you just want to ask general questions ('',)

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