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  • Member: badmartialarts
  • Studio: Bad Martial Arts
  • Title: What Lain Bought on eBay
  • Premiered: 2004-08-06
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    • Weird Al Yankovic ebay
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  • Comments: Another Lain video. Yes, I know.

    Hello! This is my 7th full video, "What Lain Bought on eBay"! If you're reading this at all, I congratulate you on talking the time out of your day to....

    Whatever, sorry. This is another attempt at strange silliness from me set to Lain. Will I ever stop doing Lain videos? Maybe not for a while. I feel like Lain is my muse. :)

    The video has a LOT of overlays. This makes it tricky to compress, thus the immense filesize (by my standards). Sorry about that, but any smaller and it would look really bad. I took almost...uhm...30 or so minutes out of my day finding all that stuff on eBay. :) And about 20 hours editing it. So, I am pleased with this video (if I wasn't it wouldn't go on the .org).

    Compressed using 1-pass quantizer 2 XviD for maximum attractiveness. Still some colored blocks pissing me off, but the quality doesn't go higher (and still stays under 100 MB). Audio is compressed to 224 kbps .mp3. If this video doesn't play, or crashes your need the latest FFDSHOW, and/or the latest XviD codec. There's always someone giving out the address for FFDSHOW on the message boards...lemme's

    so that should solve any worries you have. If enough complaints come in I'll make a DivX version but the quality will be horrible. Also going to have to make an MPEG2 version....

    WINNER of the Con Ja Nai XI AMV Contest (Best Comedy and Audience Favorite). Yay!
    WINNER at Anime Mid-Atlantic (Best Comedy). Yay!

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