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  • Member: DarkPrinceOtaku
  • Studio: Gai Studios
  • Title: Anime Concert - DoCo & Friends
  • Premiered: 2004-07-27
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  • Song:
    • Ranma Complex Two Thoughts
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  • Comments: This is just an Updated version of my previous concert video with a few edits & extra clips..hope that you'll like it better ('',) & im still using window movie maker2 (-_-) this is my 2nd video ive made using it...
    the track i used is 1 of my favourite ranma songs...the song is originallly 6min 30 sec long..but ive cut it down to about 4min cos 6 min was just to long...the visual & sound quality is better but clearly still not perfect & the lip sync is still off at some points so there's still work to be done....what i wanted to do while editin was to increase the song by about a minute to give a few solo performances & show a lot more clips from other anime seires...but 4min is long enough already & i doubt if any one would appreciate the video if it were longer....but then if enough people really like this video & want to watch the extra minute...then mayb i will extend it...but not any time dont expect that much of an improvement than before...but i think its better & more enjoyable to watch.

    i havent seen a music video like this before so i hope that im the 1st (doubt it) and that you'll enjoy watching it as much as ive enjoyed making it ('',)

    the 1st minute are scenes of the crowd getting hyped up & the performers getting ready...some people might want to skip this...but others think its enjoyable to watch...your call....
    For those who dont know..DoCo is the ranma 1/2 j-pop group that consists of Ranma, Akane, Kasumi, Nabiki & Shampoo.

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