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  • Profile: We are Rabid Jello Productions (otherwise known as Two Girls and a Guy, er... Dad), the dynamic trio AMV makers known to the semi-sane as KT, Space Cowboy, and The Hitokiri Efad. Our creed: to bring you satisfyingly awesome and/or hilarious AMVs just for your entertainment.

    ~~~~~~KT's Space~~~~~~~
    HELLO!! oops, did I startle you? I'm sorry ^^ I'm KT ^_^ Anime fanatic extraordinaire woo! I will probably do alot more of comidic vids than anything. Although I may do the occassional serious one or tribute video. I also like sobe, good fantasy, and bishounen! ^_^ Yay!! I also draw and do computer graphics stuff.

    Most recent Update (5/4/05): Two new vids, Dust in the Wind (SpaceCowboy's) and Joining Yuki's Fanclub (mine) nothing much else...arm socks (random)

    quote of the update: "Then I realized angst doesn't hide in refrigerators and pantries..." ~Kaitoh-chan (furuba forums)

    Thats about it, until next time,
    Love and Peace (^^.)V

    ---SpaceCowboy's Ship----------
    I am a rare entity...a Dad that likes Anime more than his kid does :D (she may argue the point)
    The Trigun - Dust in the Wind video is my first solo AMV, but I think it's ok. There will be more now that I have a feel for it. One day we hope to afford something other than Windows Movie Maker (Adobe Premier) Maybe!?!?

    Cowboy Bebop is the best!!

    See You
    -----------------------------End Transmission-------------------

    ----Hitokiri Efad's section----
    BWAHAHA! FEAR US! ....AND OUR POCKY! ^^;; Pocky is our drug of choice. And hi, by the way, I'm the Hitokiri Efad; less-so frightening than the Hitokiri Battousai, but moreso intimidating than the two-year-old sock under your bed. My only AMV (as of now) is Heart of a Champion, a Kenshin video. I'm working on an X-Men: Evolution video, and hoping to start on a Fruits Basket video as well.

    Current favorite quote:
    "They can tak' oour lives, but they cannae tak' oour troousers!"
    ---end of Hitokiri Efad's section----

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