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  • Member: RubyHatchet
  • Studio: FangirlFriday
  • Title: A Song For Everyone - Volume II
  • Premiered: 2004-01-11
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  • Songs:
    • Coolio Gangsta's Paradise
    • Cowboy Bebop Blue
    • Dennis Leary Asshole
    • Frank Sinatra Jeepers Creepers
    • Sting Every Breath You Take
  • Anime:
  • Comments: 01-12-2004
    I'm trying to upload a 40MB file from a dial-up modem if it has problems working, this video won't be available for download for at least a couple days.

    01-11-2004's been awhile. You can see by the dates that my last semester at school KICKED MY ASS. But hey, I got out alive, and the video, after all this time, is 95% ready to go online. It's shorter because 1) instead of 6 songs, it's only covering 5, and 2) there's no minute-long, stupid ending. I think people will enjoy this video almost as much as the first--maybe not as much because it's now a bunch of lesser known characters, but Hatori is hot stuff, so yeah.. and the last segment will at least make you chuckle. There's a very, very harsh transition, which I love, and Hanajima's part is fun. WIDE mix of songs for this one. Older songs, newer songs, some are easy listening, some are rap ballads. So enjoy! I'll have it uploaded soon.

    Work has begun again on this video. I'm not sure anymore if I like the song I picked for has the right tone, but the lyrics are too far off. She's not a druggie... ^^;; So I'm thinking that though Jeepers Creepers is currently assigned to Akito, he's not gonna get it. Hanajima's eyes do the Creep effect often enough, so I'll try that one.

    Okay, I've got one more week of the god-awful class to get through. The two weeks after that, I will devote to RA training and this video. I'm not big on effects (nor am I good at them), so it might not be much better than the first... ^^;;;

    Man, this class is...kicking my ass. I mean, I'm getting good grades, but I have very little free time!! Guess it'll have to be those two weeks before the start of fall semester that I get this thing done! Gomen-nasai!

    I'm taking a year's worth of Japanese classes in two months--what does this mean? The Chibi has very little time! Sumimasen! It's four hours a day, five days a week, tons of homework and vocabulary. After these two months are up, I'll have two weeks before school starts. I'll be in all-day training things, but that leaves evenings to work on the video. I will get it done!!!!

    So far, I have Hatori's part at least filled, and Uo-chan's part filled, with little bits in everything else except Hiro's part (since his will probably only need two episodes to get the source for). I'm going to warn people...that the transitions between songs are HARSH...and I love it that way. ^_^

    Volume II is now under construction! I can't wait to get started on this thing! I still have to download a few things and change a few things around, but I'll be starting on it today! Let's see how this one turns out, ne?

    Hatori - Cowboy Bebop's "Blue" (b/c it freakin' works)
    Hiro - Dennis Leary's "I'm an Asshole!"
    Uo-chan - Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise"
    Hanajima - Frank Sinatra's "Jeepers Creepers"
    Yuki's Fan Club - Sting's "I'll Be Watchin' You"

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