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  • Profile: Born in 1982 and raised up in the farmland-ridden rural wilderness of northwest Indiana, I've lived a semi-normal life. I was first introduced to anime with "Tank Police" in grade school, which my friend showed me, and while my interest in anime and sci-fi somewhat ostracized me from many close-minded people at my school, I've thankfully gotten past those awkward years, and now find comfort with on- and offline contacts who share my interest.

    I'm not a "computer nerd", since I still need help with fiddling around inside the things, but I've grown used to using them. Back in high school, I was part of the "tech club", which also did the video announcements, and was literally the only student in the entire school who knew how to use the video editing equipment. These years later, that knowledge, as well as my own personal insights into animation and how it works (frame-rate, cels going together, etc.), I've decided to try my hand at anime music videos after hearing from my friend Kat just how easily she was able to put together her own couple videos from "Trigun."

    I enjoy all kinds of music, from country to punk to classical, techno, rock, and even some metal and reggae. So far the only anime I have are a few old, old videos purchased way back in the day, and the source for my "Cowboy Bebop" videos was ripped from DVD's lent to me by a friend who went into the navy. I became a born-again Christian back in 1998 at a county fair, and since then have found great happiness in my life and a sense of peace I hadn't felt before and have never seen replicated anywhere else ever. I like great conversation about all different topics, fun games that are actually deep ("Metal Gear Solid" being one of my faves), reading, hiking, and Mountain Dew Livewire. I currently work at Pizza Hut as a delivery driver, and am quite content there. I don't make videos per others' request, but instead make AMV's in the hopes of trying to make the world a better place in some small way, even if only to make a person happy for a few minutes...however really cheesy that might sound. I accept artwork from different people to use in my signatures on the videos, but I accept just a couple at a time, and am very picky, so don't take offense if I don't accept yours. ^_^; I use Windows Movie Maker pushed to its limits to make my vids, but this's a technique I wouldn't suggest to anybody, unless you're -really-, really patient.

    Also, my apologies concerning my e-mail listed on some of the videos. That site has since died, and now I'm at Gmail.

    Vic Mignogna, voice actor for FMA's Edward, once said of my videos, "Those were awesome!"

    And I think I covered everything! :D

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  • AMV Hell 3: The Motion Picture (2005-09-23) (56 collaborators)
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