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  • 2005-09-17 15:00:13 Hey, it's my birthday again! May I please have some opinions? ^_^ Even just quick ones! I promise you that my videos are good! 
  • 2005-07-02 17:13:40 ...okay, so...yeah. I made the Evangelion AMV. I know I uploaded it some time ago...but I just thought I might as well keep with continuity in here, and say, yeah, that's what you were expecting. Yeah...! ^_^;

    Well...not much else on the AMV front. I have a couple big projects in mind...and I actually hope to start on one tonight--a friend is going to let me borrow Trigun. For my next uploaded AMV, though...I think I want it to be the "big" project I have in mind. It would be a big medley video...which I'm hoping might grab some people's attnetion. x_x

    Anyhow...not really anything else to say here.... Who reads this anyways? ^_^; I write in here for my own amusement/boredom...but if there's someone out there who actually is regularly looking at this thing...please, let me know! o_O

    Um...yeah, well that's all for now. You people take care. :) 
  • 2005-03-21 16:54:53 By the beginning of April, by the grace of God, you will have this Eva video.

    I hope to enter it into 2005 Anime Central's AMV contest. 
  • 2004-11-08 17:48:10 Crap!! >_<

    I'm having problems with extracting the Evangelion footage from DVD. I tried so, so hard to get it to work on my computer...but it refused to work, for some reason. A friend of mine helped me out and extracted the footage into Mpeg files for me...but now those don't want to play on my computer! I went to, and got something to help me there...but then it messed up my video-editing program. :

    If anybody reading this can help me out with ripping the DVD footage that I need, I'll pay you back (...just about) any way that you want to. I'm desperate right now, folks. =/ 
  • 2004-10-01 19:59:22 I was accepted into AWA Pro 2004!! WHOO HOO!!

    My video got beaten to a pulp by all the other vids!! XD

    Anyways, this was the first contest I'd ever been accepted into ('twas the FLCL "Beautiful Day" video), though I'm somewhat upset I didn't get them a higher quality version. : I didn't know the bumper advertising my video at the end would be that awkward.... I just wanted to advertise the video, to advertise the "In the Name of Love" CD, fighting AIDS in Africa!! ^_^;;;;

    Anyhow, all entrants were given copies of all the videos, and -they- were the judges in the contest. While watching them, I took notes down for most of them, so now I've decided to use those notres to go back through some of the videos and leave opinions. Some of these were just cool, I'm telling you people...! XD

    Ya can't stop me!! I'm giving ops!! Don't try 'n hold me back!!


    Yeah, I'm done ranting here. It's not like I get any readers, except for those who randomly pop in out of curiosity. HIII, FOLKS! You clicked on the "latest journal entry" link on the right side of the Members page out of sheer curiosity, didn't you? Well, I want you to know I make nice videos! So please download them! ...and give love to my Cowboy Bebop "Jingle Bells" video. It needs love! Nobody gives it love! :(

    For crying out loud!! Ein barks out Jingle Bells!! Lip-synching!! Does that mean nothing to you people?! Why doesn't it get downloaders?! T_T


    Aaaaand I'm finished. Look for an Evangelion video from me in the next month, or so! ...I hope.

    It's guaranteed to be big on here. It's going to make people cry. No joke. At all. Very...very serious video. It isn't what you're going to expect. Come back beginning/middle of November...I should (hopefully) have it then (...maybe? ...please?).

    End of entry! 
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