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  • Member: NeoMikey
  • Title: Butterfly Samurai...With Pizza! :D
  • Premiered: 2004-04-28
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    • Dance Dance Revolution Butterfly
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  • Comments: Ladies and gentlemen...a Samurai Pizza Cats video.


    I understand how a large portion of the anime community at large frowns at the Pizza Cats series, being that it's uncharacteristically silly, and follows basically hardly semblance whatsoever to the Japanese script. But the thing is...I grew up with this anime. I love it. A lot. And when I discovered somebody online who had episodes, I downloaded, and like my other ideas...I figured I could probably make a video out of this footage! This is another video I'm surprised nobody has done before me.... I mean, come on! "Where's my samurai (pizza cat)?" Ah, well...this is a more obscure series anyways, even apparently to some out there who are diehard fans and scholars of all things anime.

    Anyways, this was a fun video to do. It was the first video I've done where I attempted more at lip synching, as well as some digital effects...but you honestly can't really see them, except where you can not the footage is visibly sped up or slowed down. Also, if any supposed "lip-syching" looks "bad"'s likely because I didn't intend for the clip to be lip-synched at all. Also, there's a small intermission-like part where I poke fun at the folks who thought by putting a DDR song to SPC was something that should never have been ever created, sort of like anthrax, the Frankenstein monster, and 'Nsync.

    There's not much else for me to say about this video. The picture at the end really is me, and that's my Pizza Hut uniform I'm in. This video was done with Windows Movie Maker, and a whole lot of patience.... Also, I know the video quality isn't the best out there, but honestly, this is the best you can get right now. The Samurai Pizza Cats haven't been released to any conventional media, and they only currently exist on video tapes where people recorded episodes off the tv--some of which have been scanned and brought to the internet.

    Anyways, huge thanks to Tigriss for the inspiration and a couple episodes, and D-Mac Double and Spritz for giving me the rest! You guys still rock! :D

    Edit: I am sorry!! It was not Naoki who made this song! It was!! I'm really, really sorry,, if you ever read this!! You guys made this awesome song!! You deserve credit! Everybody who reads this, give props to for "Butterfly", all right?!

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