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  • Member: NeoMikey
  • Title: True Heroes
  • Premiered: 2005-04-10
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    • Superchick Hero (Red Pill Mix)
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  • Comments: How do you live your life? How do you treat others? Part of life is how we interact with others, but oftentimes we don't think much about the people in the world who are hurting inside. Even though they might exist and function normally in society, inside they still are in pain and all it could take for them is for somebody to stop and show they care...but everyone, even the hurting ones, can be that hero.

    I have had the idea for this video longer than I want to admit. Thankfully, the idea waited until Superchick released a remix of this song along with some others during this time, and I was able to go even further with what I wanted to do. I also want to clarify that this isn't an "Evangelion video", per se, but rather is a video for the song that uses Evangelion footage.

    It took months of DVD-ripping headaches before I finally was able to start. My computer could only handle processing low-quality footage without having an error, so I'm sorry the picture isn't better. Lip-synching didn't turn out perfectly, and a couple effects got slightly muddled during encoding, plus some frames in a shot ended up wider than they were supposed to be, but those are honestly my only complaints. Ub3r thanks goes to Dirk Stabben for allowing me to sporadically borrow his computer to compile this entire video while mine was on the fritz, and to Ryuko Halfdragon for drawing the well done signature picture for the end. I'm sure this video is going to impact some people's lives out there. Feel free to share it around and spread it. Sharing is caring.

    This won 3rd in 2006's Jafax contest

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