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  • Members (16): BigDude, AMV_4000, Brolly345, Brsrk, Corran, DrngdKreationz, KillDieMurder, LightningCountX, Pie Row Maniac, ProphetDK, SQ, Toji Fujawara, Unfound, badmartialarts, billy_wires, dethmajor
  • Title: Project Kut-up
  • Premiered: 2004-10-05
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Korn A.D.I.D.A.S.
    • Korn Alone I Break
    • Korn Blind
    • Korn Clown
    • Korn Did My Time
    • Korn Falling Away From Me
    • Korn Freak on a Leash
    • Korn Got the Life
    • Korn Here To Stay
    • Korn Lets Get This Party Started
    • Korn Make Me Bad
    • Korn Right Now
    • Korn Shoots and Ladders
    • Korn Somebody Someone
    • Korn Thoughtless
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Project KuT-up

    After a long 9 months of hard work, long rendering hours, and 16 editors it is finnaly complete. The long awaited Project KuT-up. We had a good start to this project in the beginning, though a few tracks were a little less then neglected for a while, they were eventally taken -- and well done.
    I'd like to thank everyone who participated on this project and contibuted their efforts. Also a special thanks to DrngdKreationz for the "KuT-up" text effects you see in the intro and at the end of the credits. :up:

    Editor Comments
    (All editors can e-mail their comments asap)

    Brsrk (Track 1; Spriggan):

    AMV_4000 (Track 2; Steel Angel Kurumi 2):

    Toji Fujawara (Track 3; Ninja Scroll):

    Sousaphonist (Track 4; Abenobashi Magical Shopping Arcade):
    Ahh, Abenobashi! The character Mune-mune screams SEX so why not use her, I decided. I only had the first DVD of this show when I agreed to this track, so I used what I could and got my first taste of the power of the overlay (as well as my first lens flare and other nifty effects). Find the subliminal, liminal, and superliminal sex messages!

    killdiemurder (Track 5; Golden Boy):

    Sousaphonist (track 6; Tokyo Babylon):
    My second video ever. I thought it would be neat to integreate the words of the song into the video. Then I found out this is a commonly used technique.... The Tokyo Babylon footage is nice and dark and creepy.

    ProphetDK (Track 7; Gasaraki)

    SQ (Track 8; Final Fantasy IX):
    TECHNICAL ASPECTS: I actually ripped this footage.(yay!), but my FF9 discs are retarded, so a big thanks to BigDude who also ripped footage for me ^-^(It was like a half and half thing). Other than that, there was the big-ass stuff going on in Vdub to make the footage less pixely. I used Smoother, Blur, and Blur more. In the actual editing of the AMV, it was just fast cuts, some fades, two uses of Color Offset(That second one to get the red image to move took quite some time =|), 2 uses of "Levels", and one use of "Extract".

    STORY ASPECTS: Well, this is my track for Project KuT-Up. It uses Korn's songs, so I thought this could be my chance to finally redo my Kuja character profile("A Part of FFIX"). I completely screwed over the AMV the first time around, but I really liked the story it told so I wanted to redo it. I found this project and was like "All right!" Albeit it was only part of the song, but it'd still work. I started out making it by just following the lyrics instead of the beat-- the same way I made the old one-- But then I realised it sucked, so I tore the whole thing apart and started over. It turned out pretty nicely. ^^
    All in all, this has been a very cool expirence. =)

    PS: Kuja rules!

    Corran (Track 9; Castle in the Sky):

    Pie Row Maniac (Track 10; Memories (Magnetic Rose)):

    BigDude (Track 11; Escaflowne the movie):

    DrngdKreationz (Track 12; Witch Hunter Robin):

    SQ (Track 13; Card Captor Sakura):

    billy_wires (Track 14; Hellsing):

    ProphetDK (Track 15; Spawn):

    Dethmajor (Track 16; Berserk):

    Unfound (Track 17; Samurai X: Trust, Betrayal and Reflection):

    Dethmajor (Track 18; Bastard!!):

    billy_wires (Track 19; Trigun):

    Brolly345 (Track 20; RahXephon):

    LightningCountX (Track 21; Akira):

    LOCAL Version:

    Res: 480x320
    Codec: XviD
    Audio: 160kbps
    Video: 23.97fps, 117kbps, 24bit
    Duration: 14:09 min

    If you have hosting to offer us for this project, pleace contact me via e-mail at -- note that the 'HiQ' version will be between 150-200mb.

    Enjoy this project, comments always welcom a appreiated! :)

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