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  • Profile: Live in Nowhere, New Jersey, I started making Music Videos about a year and a half ago. Like most, I started with Windows Movie Maker making noobish DragonballZ Music Videos. About 8 months in, a friend of mine told me about Adobe Premiere and how great it was. So, I picked up a copy and started fooling around with it. I still didn't know about all the technicalities about Music Videos, so I didn't really get it and I quit with Premiere for two weeks and went back to WMM. When I'd figured out the WMM wasn't really that great, I tried Premiere again. This time, I asked the same friend how to use it and he explained the basic options and such. However, I still didn't know about ripping DVDs or exporting, so I continued using downloaded footage and songs.

    None of these videos ever premiered, however, it did help me learn about timing. After my last kinda noobish video (FFVII AC Remix) I acquired a version of Bittorrent, Shareaza, and started downloading Kenshin videos. I found alot of episodes, but some videos in particular caught my eye. They were Rurouni Kenshin Music Videos, all of which were in different formats and sizes. I downloaded a few and found two really got my attention: Rurouni Kenshin - Butterfly and Rurouni Kenshin - Smoke, both from a DDR Project. At the end of the Butterfly video, it showed this site's url and I joined up in December.

    I started reading that using d/led footage was bad and low quality, so I started buying the DVDs of two different animes (DBZ/GT and Rurouni Kenshin). I first started off with Amigo DVD Ripper and ripped into Xvid format which wouldn't work in Premiere, so I went with DivX and that worked, but not very well. I went through alot of programs until I decided to read some of the guides about ripping here at I saw this new thing called AVISynth, so I gave it a try, but I couldn't get how it worked, so I continued making DivX clips. I read up on codecs and found that HuffyUV gave the user the same quality as the original clips, so I gave that a try. The first time I used that, it gave me outrageously huge files, so I decided not to use it. However, when I figured out how to rip video game footage about a month later, I decided to try it once more. This time, seeing as the files weren't as long, it gave me reasonable file sizes and about 3 Gigs worth of footage from FFVII. With these clips and a song that I ripped off of Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (Cult song), I made my first genuine Music Video, Arcadia (2004-03-27).

    Since then, I've been using AVISynth for all of my projects that've included MPEG2Sources after I finally got the balls to actually take my time and read about how to use it. So far, I've made two good quality short videos with it (Not Another Trendy Kenshin Video and Kenshin - Prelude). Personally, I think that Kenshin - Prelude has the better quality and Not Another Trendy Kenshin Video has the better timing.

    Tools I use:
    Virtual Dub Mod
    Premiere 6.5
    Exact Audio Copy
    PSS Plex
    DVD Decrypter
    AVISynth (Not really a program)

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