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  • Title: Bux 'Em Babes (Girls that can sing)
  • Premiered: 2004-05-16
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    • Mindless Self Indulgence Boomin'
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  • Comments: *Warning*

    If you're not into or offended by crude/suggestive humor, avoid this video.


    Editor Notes: I made this video to get out of the serious mode all of my past videos have been (Excluding Arcadia...kinda). I'm glad that I was finally able to break out of a slump I was in right after Kenshin - Prelude (Arcadia was made before Prelude). Plus, I had to make something out of this anime. It was too hard to pass up an opportunity to make a lip syncing video. (BTW, I know there's low originality in videos about breasts, but at least I used an anime there isn't alot of music videos about).


    Programs Used:
    DVD Decrypter - Ripping the .vobs
    DVD2AVI - Creating the .d2v file
    Virtual Dub Mod - Creating the .avs script
    dBpowerAMP Music Converter - Converting the .mp3 to an uncompressed .wav (Couldn't acquire the CD at the time)
    Premiere 6.5 - Editing the Clips
    Photoshop 7.0 - Creating the title, logo and creating a closed mouth at 0:41 of the video
    Virtual Dub Mod - Creating the final distribution DivX Compatible Xvid encode.


    Editing Notes:

    0:41-0:42 - The original video did not include a closed mouth, so I had to use Zarxrax's Guide to Lip Syncing to help me out with this one scene. Other then this, no real effect editing to the source footage was made other then transitions and, obviously, editing sync.


    Lyrics to "Boomin'" by Mindless Self Indulgence:

    Here she comes - she's the one
    Once again - right back at you baby
    Respect little girls
    Boomin' at your woman - yeah - you're boomin' at ya motherfucker
    Here she comes - she's the one - once again - right back at you baby
    Geez - geez - geez - geez - geez
    Unlimited again... unlimited all over again...

    (Not the full song because it repeats several times over.)

    One last thing, I DID NOT SHORTEN THE SONG. That's how long it is so deal with it.

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