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  • Member: CrackTheSky
  • Title: Family Reunion
  • Premiered: 2018-09-03
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    • Steel Train Touch Me Bad
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  • Comments: Ever since I watched Kyousougiga a few years ago, I've been wanting to make a video with it. I actually didn't care much for the anime outside of the visuals -- it was a bit of a mess, if I'm being perfectly honest, the main issue being its convoluted storytelling. Nevertheless, it was a fun ride and it seemed like it would be a blast to edit with, so it was always in the back of my mind as "something to do when I stumble across the right song". Well, I found that song in Steel Train's "Touch Me Bad", which if you're keeping score at home, is now the third Jack Antonoff-related song I've edited with (the previous two being Bleachers' "I Wanna Get Better" and fun's "Barlights"). I'm sure there'll be more to come, stay tuned.

    Anyway, the video is pretty much in exactly the style I've gotten comfortable with over the years -- simple, moderately-paced, with lots of internal sync and the like. It's not exactly a traditional narrative. I actually approached this video with no conceptual framework in mind, relying more on the song's "attitude" as the foundation. I found that this is actually a really poor basis on which to edit a video, as I spent the first night -- two or three hours probably -- staring at the timeline, completely unable to get anything to work. I almost scrapped the song after that, but came back the next night and things started to fall into place, and it was (mostly) smooth sailing from there.

    As I went along I realized I was unintentionally choosing scenes that actually contributed to a theme, so I built the rest of the video around it -- the video basically focuses on the workings of a severely dysfunctional, estranged family (which is more or less what the anime itself is about). Koto (the girl with the huge hammer) is the one who brings them all together in the end, despite their frustrations and anger and selfishness. Family is family, no matter how much you want to punch them.

    Above all, when I set out to make this video, I wanted to do everything I could to not just remake PieandBeer's Pamplemousse, which is the quintessential Kyousougiga video, as far as I'm concerned. I think I succeeded -- her's does feel quite different from mine, I think, despite my using a kind of similar indie-pop-ish song and adopting a similar editing style. If you've somehow managed to avoid seeing that video, make sure you check it out ASAP.

    This did make in into the AMV contest at NDK 2018, however it didn't win anything (and didn't come anywhere close, as I was told). I don't mind -- it was a really strong category in general and I was happy to make it in at all.

    Thanks for watching!

    Technical notes
    Edited in Sony Vegas 8, using nothing else past the usual footage prep programs, as is tradition. I'd say this took in the range of like 12-15 hours to put together, once things actually got going. Also as is tradition.

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