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  • Profile: I never know what to write for these things. So here's a variation of one of my computer book bios.

    note*:I wrote this while I was in a pretty self deprecating mood.

    Alvin Chang is a consultant, author and technical trainer. Originally from New Jersey, he successfully transplanted himself to Tampa in late 1998. He lives alone in an house with a bunch of computers, a home theater system and no view of the beach (but it is a nice view). In his free time, he occasionally makes inadequate AMVs. He is addicted to movies and anime which makes him (in his eyes anyway) a geek. In fact, the only thing that keeps him from being a total loser is the fact that he does not, nor has he ever, lived in his parents basement. If you should meet him you should ask him to sign a copy of one of his books (if you don't have one you should get one, he doesn't make any money on them .. honest..) and then mock him. If you're a single woman, please feel free to accept his invitation to dinner and then say "you just want to be friends", he's used to that. Alvin would continue going on with this bio but its gotten him rather depressed so he's going to go do his laundry..

    As for the videos themselves.. Well judge for yourself.
    On the other hand, Here's what others have thought:

    Nobody Does it Better was:
    Finalist - Otakon 2000

    Happy Boys and Girls was:
    Best Action /Upbeat - Otakon 2001
    Winner Dance Video Challege - AWA 7
    Best Upbeat Video - AWA 7 AMV Expo

    still was:
    Best Romantic Video - Jacon 2002
    Finalist - Anime Expo 2002

    shaken was:
    Never released for competition

    What it Means to Be Young was:
    Runner Up (Romantic/Sentimental)- Otakon 2004

global average

  • Count231726
  • Originality8.47
  • Visual Quality8.37
  • Audio9.00
  • Action Sync8.45
  • Lip Sync8.24
  • Special Effects8.49
  • Effort8.60
  • Re-view-ability7.92
  • Overall8.43

average given

  • Count0
  • Originality
  • Visual Quality
  • Audio
  • Action Sync
  • Lip Sync
  • Special Effects
  • Effort
  • Re-view-ability
  • Overall

average received

  • Count139
  • Originality8.59
  • Visual Quality8.70
  • Audio9.23
  • Action Sync8.71
  • Lip Sync8.18
  • Special Effects8.42
  • Effort8.86
  • Re-view-ability8.47
  • Overall8.86

My Videos (6)

  • A Little Retrospect (2008-05-16) (54 collaborators)
    [hits: 41303][opinions: 29]
    • Moulin Rouge Soundtrack The Pitch
    • Matchbox 20 How Far We've Come
    • Tricky Pop Muzik
    • ...There are 77 anime...
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    • Character Profile
    • Fun
    • Parody
    • Sentimental
  • Happy Boys & Girls (2001-08-10)
    [hits: 57469][opinions: 111]
    • Aqua Happy Boys & Girls
    • ...There are 17 anime...
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    • Dance
    • Fun
  • [hits: 1731][opinions: 1]
    • Carly Simon Nobody Does It Better
    • Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro
    • Drama
  • shaken (2004-03-03)
    [hits: 2293][opinions: 3]
    • Evanescence Bring Me To Life
    • Vision of Escaflowne, The
    • Drama
  • still (2002-03-05)
    [hits: 9627][opinions: 13]
    • Journey When You Love A Woman
    • Ah! My Goddess (Movie)
    • Ah! My Goddess (OVA)
    • Drama
    • Romance
  • [hits: 6816][opinions: 11]
    • Fire, Inc Tonight is What it Means to be Young
    • Final Fantasy 10 (X)
    • Final Fantasy 10-2 (X-2)
    • Romance
    • Sentimental
    • Serious