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  • Member: atchang
  • Title: still
  • Premiered: 2002-03-05
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    • Journey When You Love A Woman
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  • Comments: Winner - Best Romance Video at Jacon 2002
    Finalist - AX 2002 Anime Music Video Contest
    Participant - AWA 2002 Expo

    WARNING **** due the nature of the effects modifications for this video, I don't recommend viewing it in anything more at 200% of its resolution. The mpg2 convention copies are at 720x480. The web version is at 352x240. Viewing the video at anything higher than 2x is like watching the video under a magnifying glass and all my faults will definitely become visible. At 1x or 2x sized the faults are easier to ignore..

    This video has also been accused of containing spoilers. For those who are sensitive to that.. This is your warning. Also because the nature of the effects I've used is very subtle. It may be better not to read the rest of my comments before viewing the video. So if you haven't watched the video yet.. I recommend you stop reading now..


    And Yes... this video is for Stephanie...

    This video was not concieved to be a complete antithesis to "Happy Boys and Girls" which if it had any meaning at all, is about just being happy and dancing around, but it does have a lot of what I would consider in making such a video. The inspiriation for the video is simply the scene at the end of the judgement gate when Keichi turns his head to look at Belldandy at his side. That and the "scene on the balcony". I was amazed by the ability to convey feelings and emotions with relatively little movement.

    The name "still", in only a small part refers to the relatively small amount of movement by the characters in the video. It has other meanings to the video but I won't discuss them since they may affect how people interpret the video and I'd like for people to interpret the video for themselves (and I have heard a few different interpretations as to what the visuals represent.). Granted.. I know what I meant visually as well as emotionally when I put the clips together. But I've found that people have gathered different meanings when viewing the video without foreknowledge of the movie. So I think the most interesting interpretations will be from people who have not seen AMG or at least not seen the movie.

    About the song.. Yeah.. I know I'm gonna get pummelled on this one.. Its not even a good performance by Journey .. but I was moved and identified with the lyrics..

    I uploaded the video to Waldo's FTP in early March and set the premiere date on the site to that date. The video premiered before an audience at JACON 2002.

    P3 - 1Ghz
    Sony DVMC-DA2

    Ulead Media Studio Pro 6.5
    Adobe Premiere 6
    Windows 2000 Professional

    I began this video in Adobe Premiere 6.. It was finished in MSPro 6.5
    I have a full and healthy respect for Premiere (it was my first NLE). But I have to admit.. I love MSP..

    You'll notice the list says that the video says it contains footage from the Movie and the OAV. Its probably 99% Movie, barely 1% OAV.. I limited the OAV footage to just one sequence.. And Its intentionally kind of cloudy. I think the limitation makes the OAV footage ever more potent and meaningful to the vid..

    This video marks my first attempt at video painting (please be gentle, I know I cant draw) so I tried to keep it simple. In this case I've used Video Paint program from MSP6.5 This program was the reason I switched back to MSP. I can paint directly on the clips and save to any format I please. But for some reason I could see the color differences in the altered footage using Premiere and not MSP. Anyway.. I've tried to make the effects as seemless as I could. Hopefully people who haven't seen the original footage won't recognize the changes. The altered sequences are (in order of appearance):

    1. Belldandy and Keichi on the train - Belldandy's mouth is
    digitally closed (she's actually speaking).
    2. Belldandy and Celestin's kiss. - I've closed her eyes..
    Actually the scene is in reverse as well. The kiss wasn't nearly long enough
    and the forward version has too much of Belldandy being kissed against her will.
    So the footage is actually the end of the kiss presented in reverse.
    3. Belldandy and Keichi standing after the judgement gate
    Belldandy's mouth is digitally closed (source footage has her speaking) ..
    4. Belldandy and Keichi dissolve. - They've been erased..Had to
    draw in the background..(My first shot at digital painting, I'm
    sure its not very clean. )
    5. Morgan at the judgment gate - Morgan's mouth has been closed as
    well. Actually, I put some movement back to make it look a bit
    more natural.. Originally she speaking dialogue in that scene..
    6. Morgan's dissolve - It should look like Morgan has been erased
    from the scene. In fact Keichi and Belldandy are originally in
    the scene so they've been painted out as well.
    7. Belldandy turns to Keichi - I've frozen her mouth. It looks like
    a freeze frame doesn't it.. But its not .. I painted her mouth
    to keep it still , foolishly not realizing that it was the only
    thing moving on screen. (talk about futile efforts) I
    shortened the scene but there is still a little bit of frozen
    time there. I tried it with the original footage of Belle
    talking but it disrupted the mood. (This is the most noticeable)

    A funny thing about this video when I screened it for some friends.. They hadn't seen the movie yet and claimed it provided spoilers.. (One, in fact, suggested the video be titled "spoilerama..", as a joke. ) I suggested we all get together for a viewing of the film. afterwards, they had to admit that there were actually very few spoilers in the vid. It just seemed that there were. (I thought it was amusing).. Anyway, just in case.. You are warned.. This video may contain spoilers..

    For me, this was very a personal exploration. I don't believe that the video has anything to do with the movie at all. It just borrows its images..

    I'm particularly fond of my changes to the big CG sequence. This is where the OAV footage was overlaid/inlaid and it changes to feel of the footage. In fact my favorite sequence in the video is in this segment.. Its the bit during the cg sequence overlaid with Belle and k1 on the motocycle from the opening to the OMG OAV's. They're smiling , she rests her head on on his shoulder just as the ball hits the purple wall and the image fades as the camera passes thru it.

    BTW.. The OAV footage where Belldandy's hands come around her spinning earing which in turn becomes a ball of light was my first attempt at using overlaid footage and is the opening to my never completed OMG video set to Xanadu by ELO..

    ....More comments coming someday...

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