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  • Member: atchang
  • Title: Nobody Does It Better
  • Premiered: 2000-07-03
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  • Song:
    • Carly Simon Nobody Does It Better
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  • Comments: This video was produced at the near the last minute for OTAKON 2000 entry after another video failed to work in even the slightest manner and after watching my James Bond DVD boxset. It was created on a Pentium II 450 using a Studio DC10+ and Media Studio Pro 6.0.

    Surprisingly it was a Finalist at Otakon 2000

    When I started, I only had an idea of how I wanted to start and end the thing (And it shows). I also wanted a video with Maurice Binder-isms. I really like the opening and the ending.. Its the stuff in the middle that bothers me I had hoped that there could be more to the video than just the belltower sequence. However, to my horror.. Once I got to the belltower.. I found I was trapped there.....And worse yet. I couldn't figure out how to do any more Binder-isms on those sequences.. Not that I dislike the sequences I ultimately used.. I just wished I could have done more (OH Regrets..)

    There is also one really bad cut, that no matter what I did, just wouldn't work right.. You might percieve it as a sudden flash of white. This is actually 1 frame from a previous scene. And I couldn't make it go away.

    A music note.
    The version of the song is from the motion picture "The Spy Who Loved Me" not from any soundtrack album or compilation album. All of those have a 1 minute repeat to fade that I absolutely hate. There is also something slightly different about the release mix that I just never liked.

    This video is the first video I had reach as a finalist in any competition and is also the first in my streak of competing videos to elicit "The Groan Response". This means that the audience reacts conceptually to the video by groaning in near disgust. Curiously this happened with "Happy Boys and Girls" as well..

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