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  • Profile: I'm so new to making AMV. I don't have a talent but I'm ok. I use Windows Movie Maker 2.0. I make Inuyasha, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy X (10) and X-2 videos. I use rock, pop/rock, pop and whatever else I like or want.

    Well the 1st anime show I seen is Inuyasha. Once I seen that I had to see more shows like that. So my fav shows now are:

    2.S-car-yed (I think that's how u spell it)
    3.Fullmetal Alchemist
    4.Ghost In A Shell
    (and) 5.Samurai Champloo

    Well I started to make AMV because it seemed like a cool thing to do but I'm still learning how to do stuff better. I hope people like my videos and i also hope I get better at making the videos.

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  • Count231706
  • Originality8.47
  • Visual Quality8.37
  • Audio9.00
  • Action Sync8.45
  • Lip Sync8.24
  • Special Effects8.49
  • Effort8.60
  • Re-view-ability7.92
  • Overall8.43

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  • Count2
  • Originality3.00
  • Visual Quality4.50
  • Audio4.50
  • Action Sync3.50
  • Lip Sync
  • Special Effects
  • Effort3.50
  • Re-view-ability3.00
  • Overall3.00

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