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  • Member: Beauty_Queen
  • Title: Somebody Is Making Me The Only One In The Room, Nobody Could Do, Nobody 'Til You
  • Premiered: 2005-11-19
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    • Lindsay Lohan Nobody til you
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  • Comments: I tried some lip sync in this video but I didn't do very good. Also I only did lip sync with the Inuyasha parts. Also I may have repeated 2 or 3 clips in the video.

    Well anyway....the song is by Lindsay Lohan and it's called "Nobody 'Til You". The song just talks about that she never felt anything untill she meet that person. I think it's a really sweet song.

    In the video Inuyasha and Kogome are telling each other that and Yuna is telling Tidus that. To me it seems like Tidus is telling Yuna but no that is not it. It's the other way around. Also the Inuyasha parts, I have more of those I think. I don't have many Final Fantasy 10 clips so I have less parts and little clips.

    If you can please just pass over my mistakes. Well Hope you enjoy my video and please leave a opionion. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!!!!! :)

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