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  • Member: Beauty_Queen
  • Title: I'll believe all your lies, Just pretend you love me
  • Premiered: 2005-11-14
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    • Evanescence Anything for You
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  • Comments: This video is not my best work. i messed up the timeing and I repeated some clips at the wrong time.

    Well Anyway....the song is by Evanescence and it's called "Anything For You" . The song is about someone who cares about this person but they know that the person doesn't like them back like they do. So they would do anything to make that person at least pretend to love 'em.

    Well to everyone who knows the games Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy X (10) know that the story is not like that but i just fixed it to make it look like it was.

    Well whatever.....hope u enjoy the parts I did right.

    Also Please Leave A Comment (or) A Short Opionion. Thank You :)

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