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  • Profile: Its been slow going since Ive had to reteach myself all the techniques I learned in School. However each of my videos I try a new technique on and hopefully by the end of this I will be able to start creating videos that everyone can enjoy. I hope most of you can enjoy the few I am posting right now. Dispite the lack of profesionalism in them. I do have a new studio intro however because of the premeire's hatred for me I have been unable to attach it to any of my videos... if anyone wonders about the intro its a variant of the Gif on this page.

    A special thanks to all you creators out there that create the videos that feed my drive of creativity, introduce me to new great music, and just futhers the otaku in me.
    and a special nod to VicBond.

    However due to circumstances in my life further productiosn will hafta be put on hold. (mainly to see if the next year or so I could afford a new computer that could actually handle makign these :laughs: instead of crashing every 10 minutes and losing so many files.... may be why I havent gone back and improved on the files to terribly much... I might upload one of my 2 new videos however due to the fact I find it hard to edit those little tiny parts that I find so annoying I dont think I will. So dont look for anything to new from me. I will probally be helping my girlfriend get her studios(Silent Angel Productions) up and running however. (she still wont let me use her computer to make my own videos... its brand new and she thinks if I tinker with it I'll break it)

    ah well...
    eh I needed more programs anyways...
    plus the lack of usable footage without a working capture card is depressing too...

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  • Underworld Trailer (2003-11-27)
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  • "B166ER" ~Robot~ (2003-07-13)
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